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SMPTE Toronto January Section Meeting

Multicast and Network - The Nervous Systems of Modern Video Infrastructure

SMPTE Toronto January Section Meeting

Multicast and Network - The Nervous Systems of Modern Video Infrastructure


Whether you are an ICT media operator, a broadcaster, or a broadband operator, the number of flows in your operation has been growing exponentially, and so has the number of services, delivery platforms and technology evolutions, such as SMPTE ST 2110, and Converged Interconnect Networks (CIN) for broadband services. The vast majority of flows are IP-based, managed as multicast, constituting the fabric upon which all your services are built and, ultimately, your flexibility to enable new services and enhance competitiveness. 

This SMPTE meeting will explore how to build, manage, evolve, and control the foundation of the video infrastructure with use cases in real video environments. Come to explore the nervous systems of the video companies' infrastructure.

Chris Lapp, Technical Solutions Architect for Media and Entertainment, CISCO 
Multi-Site Multicast for Broadcast Media
In this presentation, we will cover what is required for multicast to be shared efficiently and securely between sites, as well as across trust boundaries. NAT, Security, and Border routers are some of the concepts that will be covered.

Ryan Morris, Systems Engineer, Arista Networks.
Maximizing Multicast, Minimizing Stress
This presentation will focus on how to get the most out of your multicast distribution network from best practices learned in the field. Included will be a brief overview of the different types of multicast, as well as the different mechanisms for transporting it in a way that ensures maximum uptime and throughput.

Stephen Shaw, Sales Engineering Manager, Telestream
Best Practices around Content Monitoring – On-Prem and In the cloud
We will explore best practices around Content Quality, availability, and performance monitoring. This will include Architecture based on-prem/cloud and hybrid.    

Clint Sheridan, Manager, Linear Video Design & Engineering, Rogers Communications
Multicast Management - The vision in Practice.
Clint will share his experience managing the core of the video network on this panel, the impacts and learning of caring for a vast multicast Network in a real environment.

As part of the University’s mandate, MASK wearing is optional.
Pizza & Pop Dinner will be provided at 6:15pm. There are no breaks between presentations 

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