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2023 Media Technology Summit

Understanding ST 2110

Independent Study

Course Start Date: 


Member Price:  $399.00

Non-Member Price: $599.00

Course Overview

Instructor Wes Simpson

Intended Audience:

  • Engineers and Technicians in Broadcasting, Systems Design and Integration who need to understand the detail in SMPTE’s ST 2110 suite of standards
  • Technical Managers in Broadcasting, Systems Design and Integration

Learning Outcomes

  • Background and System overview
  • Video Encapsulation
  • Audio Encapsulation
  • Data Encapsulation
  • Identification & Synchronization
  • Traffic Shaping

The SMPTE suite of standards for real-time, high bandwidth Broadcast over IP

If you’re an Engineer or Technician in Broadcasting, Systems Design or Integration, you’ll raise your value in the workplace with a strong grasp of ST 2110. This 8-week course helps you develop the in-depth knowledge you’ll need to ensure interoperability between all ST 2110 compliant equipment, with a strong emphasis on the practical skills you’ll apply every day in the field. You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand video/audio/data encapsulation, identification and synchronization, traffic shaping, and packet delivery timing for real-time production and playout.
  • Recognize the difference between SDI and IP based Media Transport
  • Determine network requirements and limitations
  • Avoid the pitfalls in systems design, where bottlenecks are created with bad configurations
  • Learn how to go deeper into the standard for your specific issues

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