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    Journal "Certificate of Merit" Award Recipients


    Kenichiro Masaoka
    Kazuyuki Arai
    Journal Cert-Arai-crop
    Yoshiro Takiguchi
    Journal Cert-Takiguchi-crop
    Kenichiro Masaoka, Kazuyuki Arai, and Yoshiro Takiguchi for the article "Realtime Measurement of Ultrahigh-Definition Camera Modulation Transfer Function," published in the November/December 2018 issue of the Motion Imaging Journal:
    Volume: 127 Issue: 10

    2018 - Jaclyn Pytlarz, Elizabeth Pieri, and Robin Atkins for the article, "Objectively Evaluating High-Dynamic-Range and Wide-Color-Gamut
               Color Differences," March 2017.

               Nikolaus Kero, Thomas Kernen, and Tobias Muller, for the article, "Efficient Monitoring of ST 2059-2 Based Time Transfer
               Performance," May/June 2017.

    2017 - Katy C. Noland, for the article, “High Frame Rate Television: Sampling Theory, the Human Visual System, and Why the Nyquist–Shannon
               Theorem Does Not Apply,” April 2016.

               David Long and Mark D. Fairchild, for the article, “Observer Metamerism Models and Multiprimary Display Systems,” April 2016.

    2016 - Charles Poynton, Jeroen Stessen, and Rutger Nijland, for the article, “Deploying Wide Color Gamut and High Dynamic Range in HD
               and UHD,” April 2016.

               Larry Thorpe, Fumiaki Usui, and Ryuhei Kamata, for the article, “Lens Considerations for Digital Cinematography,” January/February 2016.

    2015 - Jürgen Burghardt, Jörg Houpert, and Timo Meyer, for the article “Increased Value of Video Assets: New Technologies for the Automatic Transfer
               and Digital Preservation of Analog Videocassettes,” January/February 2014.

               Joachim Keinert, Michael Schöberl, Matthias Ziegler, Frederik Zilly, and Siegfried Foessel, for the article “High-Dynamic Range Video Cameras
               Based on Single Shot Non-Regular Sampling,” November/December 2014.

    2014 - Benjamin Bross, Heiko Schwarz, and Detlev Marpe, for the article, "The New High-Efficiency Video Coding Standard,” May/June 2013.

    2013 - Brian Long, Roger Schwenke, Ph.D., Peter Soper, and Glenn Leembruggen, for the article, "Further Investigations Into the Interactions
               Between Cinema Loudspeakers and Screens," Nov/Dec 2012.

               Martin S. Banks, Dr. Jenny C. A. Read, Robert Allison, and Dr. Simon J. Watt, for the article, "Stereoscopy and the Human Visual System,"
               May/June 2012.

    2012 - Mihailo Stojancic and Dan Eakins for the article, "Interoperable AV Sync Systems in the SMPTE 22TV Lip Sync AHG: Content-Fingerprinting-Based
               Audio-Video Synchronization," July/August 2011.

              Carlos Vázquez, Ph.D. and Dr. Wa James Tam, for the article, "A Nonconventional Approach to the Conversion of 2D Video and Film Content to
              Stereoscopic 3D" May/June 2011.

    2011 - Sean McCarthy, Ph.D, for the article, "A Biological Framework for Perceptual Video Processing and Compression" Nov/Dec 2010.

              David Wood, for the article, "Understanding Stereoscopic Television and Its Challenges" October 2010.

    2010 – Karl E. Paulsen, Michael E. Walter, Keith Ian Graham, and Randall Hoffner for their article, “Considerations in Physical Infrastructures
                for 3 Gbit/sec Systems Design,” May/June 2009.
                Akira Nakagawa, for the article, “The 4:2:2/4:2:0 Perfect Reconstruction Filter Set and its Application in HD-SNG,” July/August 2009.

    2009 – Laurence J. Thorpe, Yasuyuki Tomita, and Ken Ito for the paper, “Auto-Focus System for HDTV Field Lenses,” March 2008.

                Nestor M. Rodriguez and Richard B. Wheeler, for the paper, “Integrated Calibration and Management of Color, Tone, and Image Structure
                in a Digital Intermediate System,”   October 2008.

    2008 – Tomlinson Holman, “Cinema Electro-Acoustic Quality Redux” May/June 2007.

                Paul W. Jones, “Efficient JPEG 2000 VBR Compression with True Constant Perceived Quality” July/August 2007.

                Thomas O. Maier, “Color Processing for Digital Cinema” (Parts 1 through 6), October 2007, November/December 2007,
                January/February 2008, May/June 2008.

    2007 — David L. Long and Thomas O. Maier, “Designing Camera Origination Films for Scan-Only Applications in Television and Digital
                  Intermediate,” April 2006.

    2006 — Hiroshi Shimamoto, Takayuki Yamashita, Noriyuki Koga, Kohji Mitani, Masayuki Sugawara, Fumio Okano, Masato Matsuoka, Jiro Shimura, Isao
                 Yamamoto, Taku Tsukamoto, and Satoshi Yahagi, “An 8k x 4k Ultrahigh-Definition Color Video Camera with 8M-Pixel CMOS Imager,” July/August 2005.

                 Hideaki Mita, Haruo Ohta, Hideki Ohtaka, Tatsushi Bannai, Tsutomu Tanaka, and Phil Livingston, “A New Solid-State Memory-Based Television
                 Acquisition System,” July/August 2005.

    2005 — Jean-Pierre Vitton, Steven M. Gerlach, Marian Herz, Susan D. Hill and Alan J. Masson, “Influence of Image Spread on Sound Film Performance,”
                  May/June 2004.

    2004 — Award not given

    2003 — Leonard J. Reder and Michael Farris, "A Tour up the Gray Scale Vector of the RGB Color Cube: How Computer Graphics Color Spaces Relate
                  to Digital Video Color Difference Space," July/August 2002.

                  David Bancroft, "A Very High Bit Rate Data Recorder," October 2002.

    2002 — Award not given

    2001 — Charles Fenimore, Stephen Wolf, and John Libert, "Perceptual Effects of Noise in Digital Video Compression," March 2000.

                  Laurence J. Thorpe, "Technical Aspects of the New World of Multiformat DTV Embodying Progressive, Interlaced, and Segmented Frame Video
                  Format," Sept. 2000.

    2000 — Award not given.

    1999 — Al Kovalick, "Referencing Architecture for Digital Video/Audio Transfer and Streaming," August, 1998.

    1998 — David K. Fibush, "Aspects of Testing in Modern Television Systems," July 1997.

    1997 — Massimo Visca and Murizio Ardito, "Correlation Between Objective and Subjective Measurements for Video Compressed Systems," Dec. 1996

                 Katsunori Aoki, Eisuke Nakasu, Ryoichi Yajima, Yasuaki Konatsugu, and Keiichi Kubota, "A Statistical Analysis of MPEG-2 Picture Quality for
                 Television Broadcasting," Nov. 1996.

    1996 — Randy Conrod, Michel Proulx, and David Strachan, "Digital Video Series," a series of tutorials published in 1995.

    1995 — Tomlinson Holman, "Motion Picture System Performance: New Studies of the B-Chain," Mar. 1994.

    1994 — Laurence J. Thorpe, "HDTV and Film - Digitization and Dynamic Range," June 1993.

                  Arnold M. Lund, "Influence of Image Size and Resolution on Viewing Distance," May 1993.

    1993 — Kenneth A. Parulski, C. Bradley Hunt, and LeRoy E. DeMarsh, "Source-Adaptive Encoding Options for HDTV and NTSC," Oct. 1992.

    1992 — Bob Elkind and David Fibush, "Proposal for Error Detection and Handling in Digital Studio Equipment," Dec. 1991.

                  L. E. DeMarsh, "HDTV Colorimetry," (a summary of the activities of the SMPTE Ad Hoc Group on HDTV Production Colorimetry) Oct. 1991.

    1991 — Syd Wiles, Frederick Gasoi, and Ed Zwaneveld, "Digital Optical Sound on 35mm Motion Picture Film," Nov. 1990.

                  N. Egami, T. Yamagishi, S. Okazaki, K. Tanioka, M. Kurashige, K. Oku, and S. Ehata, "High-Sensitivity HDTV Camera Tube with a HARP Target," 
                  Sept. 1990.