SMPTE Workflow Systems Medal Award Recipients

Philip Tudor

For his foundational contributions to professional media file formats and for early implementations of file based workflows.  Tudor worked tirelessly in numerous SMPTE committees, and in the Advanced Media Workflow Association, focusing on developing Standards and specifications for file-based essence and metadata interchange.  His pioneering work on tapeless audio and video capture, Material eXchange Format (MXF), and the Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) led to the implementation of workflows at the BBC.  Phil continues file based workflow innovation with the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) and IP Studio, which focuses on file based workflows for live television production within an IP environment.  


Phil Tudor is a Principal Technologist at BBC Research & Development, London, U.K. He read Electrical and Information Sciences at Cambridge University. Phil's technical background includes video compression research, software engineering, digital television standardization, and the development and standardization of professional media file formats.

Phil leads a team of researchers looking at file-based workflows for production & archives, high-speed IP networking for live production, capturing richer production data sets, and the development of open standards.

He is a co-chair of the SMPTE 30MR Technology Committee on Metadata & Register, a board member of the Advanced Media Workflow Association and vice-chair of the EBU Strategic Program on Future Network and Storage Systems (FNS). Phil is a SMPTE fellow, a Chartered Engineer and a member of the IET.



John Anthony Footen

In recognition of pioneering the introduction of workflow-improving approaches such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) into the media industry, and leadership in both the Standards and Education pillars of the SMPTE mission.  John has been very active in the area of workflow improvement for many years now.  He has been a leader in AMWA and EBU’s FIMS effort, chairs SMPTE’s 34CS technology committee, has been active in workflow-related activities within such as BXF, and is an industry leader in the application of SOA to media.  He has been a regular speaker and moderator at SMPTE conferences, and an author on service oriented architecture.  John is also a leader in the development of IT based systems and infrastructures into the production process.

Brad Gilmer

The 2012 Workflow Systems Medal is awarded to Brad Gilmer, Executive Director of the Advanced Media Workflow Association, Consultant, and prolific writer and speaker for his leadership in file based workflow topics. Gilmer’s early work on file based workflow while at Turner Entertainment became a model for many broadcasters to follow. Mr. Gilmer’s leadership of the AMWA has moved MXF implementation to the forefront of modern facilities, and begun a process that will complete the important work necessary to implement SOA in widespread use through the joint work AMWA has begun with the EBU on FIMS.