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SMPTE Presents Met.Expo.2024

Ingrid de Beer

thumbnail_image0 (1)Ingrid de Beer

For over a decade, Ingrid has been growing her capabilities and reputation in the animation industry. Having started as an offline editor, she rapidly transitioned into a post-production manager and then a producer, which saw her deliver large-scale TV series for local and international broadcasters. In 2014 she focused her energy on producing commercial animation, allowing her to work alongside a number of critically acclaimed artists & directors on some of the most recognisable brands in the world. Ingrid joined Lucan Animation in 2014 as a freelance producer, and officially joined the company in 2016. Today she is a partner in the business, and the Head of Production, where she practices her passion for leadership that serves ideas rather than stroking egos. Ingrid has been closely involved in bringing projects like Moremi, an episode in Disney’s Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire, to life and is currently working on growing her team and developing animation that serve a wider audience. Ingrid is often invited onto panels and to events to engage on subjects like the intricate workings of production, gender politics in animation, and management practices. In an industry known for its passionate audience, she has become synonymous with animations that go beyond the dimensions of a screen and into the hearts and minds of the people that watch them. Speaker of the 2024 Power of Color Symposium