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Laquie TN Campbell

HR_Bryans_018eLaquie TN Campbell

With nearly two decades of unwavering dedication to creative technology and marketing, Laquie TN Campbell stands as a seasoned leader in her field. Her multi-hyphenate career is characterized by a fusion of exceptional content creation, agile creative management, and strategic marketing acumen. Laquie's expertise extends across a diverse spectrum of post-production domains, including picture and sound editorial, on-set sound, sound design, and the artistry of title graphics.

In her professional journey, Laquie has sculpted a body of work that transcends boundaries, encompassing everything from feature films to corporate giants and non-profit organizations. Her distinctive talent lies not only in her creative and technical skills but also in her profound commitment to storytelling through the avenues of interconnectedness, communication, and community-building—a formula that consistently elevates messaging and branding to new heights.

Laquie's multi-faceted career has afforded her the privilege of collaborating with industry leaders such as Skywalker Sound, Dolby, and Technicolor. At present, she leverages her profound insights in post-production as the "voice of the customer" at Shift Media, where she serves as the Senior Product Marketing Manager for MediaSilo, Screeners.com, and Wiredrive. Her passion extends beyond her role, as she relishes the opportunity to engage with fellow media and entertainment professionals, tirelessly advocating for tools that serve creative workflows through technological innovation.

Laquie's academic achievements are equally distinguished, with a Master of Arts in Communication and the Arts, with an emphasis on Editing and Sound Design. Complementing this are her Bachelor of Arts degree and multiple Associate of Arts degrees in communication, broadcast, and business. In addition, Laquie has garnered certifications in User Interface/User Experience Design and Product Marketing Management.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Laquie actively contributes to industry associations, notably serving on the [committee name] for SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) and participating on the Women in Post committee for the HPA (Hollywood Professional Association). She also nurtures a vibrant community of post-production creatives through her monthly gatherings in New Mexico.

Laquie's commitment to societal betterment shines through her roles as a co-founder of two organizations combating sex trafficking and as the visionary behind the Phoenix Underground Collective. This organization empowers underrepresented communities to explore and cultivate their unique visual storytelling talents through comprehensive training, content creation, distribution, and invaluable connections with innovative industry leaders.

In every facet of her remarkable journey, Laquie TN Campbell embodies the spirit of creative ingenuity, technological advancement, and a profound dedication to building bridges across communities—a testament to her enduring impact on the worlds of entertainment, marketing, and beyond.