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SMPTE Presents Met.Expo.2024

Lin Tam

LinLin Tam, an acclaimed director, producer, and writer, is celebrated for her innovative contributions to the realms of animation and technology. Her illustrious career is marked by her acclaimed work on "Friendship," a short film that has earned over 25 selections at renowned national and international film festivals.

Lin’s talents extend beyond conventional animation, blending creativity with technical innovation. Her extensive portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects, including trailblazing work in Generative AI, AR/VR, mobile gaming, interactive content, and both consumer and enterprise platforms.

Central to Lin's vision is her unwavering dedication to fostering diverse and inclusive narratives at Immix Studios. Lin champions the idea that a multitude of voices and perspectives not only enriches the creative process but also ensures that our storytelling mirrors the diverse world we inhabit. Her approach is to embrace diversity, aiming to produce content that connects with people from various backgrounds, celebrating our unique differences while discovering unity in our shared human experiences.

Her influence in the entertainment industry is further highlighted by her involvement with esteemed organizations like the Producers Guild of America and Screen Producers Australia. These affiliations have provided a platform for Lin to spearhead a variety of award-winning animation endeavors, showcasing her leadership in pushing the boundaries between technology and storytelling..