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Annual Membership Meeting

Annual Membership Meeting

Free and open to all - non-members welcome!

The last stretch of 2023 promises more change and evolution for SMPTE and its membership than in the last several years.  This year’s Annual General Membership meeting comes to you virtually.  Members and non-members alike may attend the  session to hear from executive committee members about the state of the Society.  The vice presidents that comprise the committee have focus areas from finance, to membership, standards, and more. They will briefly inform us about the happenings within their respective area and take questions from the audience.

Attendees of the Annual Membership Meeting will learn:

  • What SMPTE has been doing this year
  • How the Society and membership continues to adapt to the impact of the global pandemic
  • Insights on membership development around the world
  • What to expect from the Standards Community
  • About the current state of education programs
  • A financial picture of the Society
  • Insights from our president

This annual membership meeting is in accordance with the Society’s bylaws which require SMPTE to hold an Annual General Membership meeting each year.

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