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SMPTE at NAB Show 2023

NAB Recap Blog Post

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NAB Recap Blog Post

The 2023 NAB Show wrapped up recently, and SMPTE left a lasting impression with everyone in attendance. From the moment participants entered the event, they were greeted with the iconic SMPTE color bars decorating the space from top to bottom. This good omen was followed by days of engaging conversations, dynamic presentations, a refreshed spirit of collaboration.

SMPTE hosted several presentations and sessions, the largest of which occurred on the first day of the conference. The Future of Cinema, led by current SMPTE President Renard T. Jenkins and Education Vice-President Michael Zink, was an all-day affair that began with a speech from Jenkins, who later gave the keynote address that kicked off NAB. Jenkins stated, “Opening the NAB conference and reconnecting with so many members in person was great.” Jenkins has been a pillar for SMPTE since he was elected, advocating for change in the society and the industry as a whole. “Having two young engineers bump into me on the trek between West and North Hall to tell me that they are joining SMPTE because of me was a bit humbling and surreal. I had to take a moment to let that sink in.” Read More


The Future of Cinema - Videos On Demand

HDR in Cinema - Part 1


HDR in Cinema - Part 2


The Big Screen & Beyond


Large Scale Immersive Experiences

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Floor Session - Videos on Demand

Color Grading in the Cloud


A Student’s Perspective


Hollywood Section Panel 


 Workflow Using IMF


How Immersive Enhances Both Content Creation & Consumption​

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On-Set Virtual Production - Videos on Demand

SMPTE RIS: On-Set Virtual Production Insights and Updates

SMPTE RIS: Standardization in Virtual Production

SMPTE RIS: Virtual Production Workstream Goals, Deliverables, Timelines


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