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The Student Media Technology Grant

Student Resources

Goals and Objectives

The Student Media Technology Grant is intended to support individuals who wish to pursue a career in media technology. The Grant is to be used to support those individuals with internships at companies involved in media technology or as support for expenses related to their practical education (e.g., attending a SMPTE technical conference or another equivalent industry event, or expenses related to a research project).

The focus of the 2023 Grant is on Student Internship support. Up to two $2,500 grants are available for living expenses related to 2023 internships in the media technology industries.


This Grant is open to college students globally pursuing a career in media technology. Applicants must be active in a program in a field that emphasizes the engineering, science, advanced technologies and/or fundamental theories associated with motion imaging, sound, metadata and/or workflows consistent with SMPTE’s field of interest.  Applicants must be Student Members of SMPTE in good standing. Those who are not already Student Members can join now and receive their first year FREE through the support of our Student Membership Challenge.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be reviewed against the following criteria:
  • The applicant indicates a desire to work in media science and technology
  • The applicant indicates they can advance their career through this opportunity
  • Reference letters indicate the applicant has potential in the career
  • Reference letters indicate the applicant has potential to benefit from the opportunity
The primary selection criteria for the Grant shall be technical merit, but if multiple applications of equal merit are received a preference should be given to students attending Ohio University.

Application Requirements

Applicants must submit an Application Form, along with the following:

  1. Summary statement of how the grant will be used (This summary statement may be in written, video and/or audio form)
  2. Field of study or focus related to media science and technology
  3. An official transcript (or international equivalent) sent from the school, indicating enrollment in the program
  4. Letter of recommendation from an academic advisor
  5. Proof of acceptance to an internship program (if applicable to grant usage)
  6. Name, date, and content summary of the industry conference (if applicable to grant usage)
  7. Confirmation of approved research project (if applicable to grant usage)

Application Procedure

Application form and Essay should be submitted via email to Lisa Kehrle 

Letters of recommendation and transcripts may be sent electronically, if possible, or in hard copy to:

Lisa Kehrle
445 Hamilton Ave., Ste 601
White Plains, NY 10601-1509 USA
Telephone: + 1 914 761 1100


Questions may be directed to: Lisa Kehrle