Board of Editors

As a peer reviewed publication, the SMPTE Journal relies upon the Board of Editors to evaluate all papers submitted for publication. The SMPTE Board of Editors are recognized experts in their fields responsible for maintaining that the SMPTE Journal holds the highest standards when publishing papers.

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Sara Kudrle, Education VP
John Belton, Board of Editors Chair

Board of Editors Member Affiliation
Allan, Grant D. PrimeArdour Systems Ltd.
Allen, Ioan R. Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
Arnold, Harvey Sinclair Broadcast Group
Bancroft, David Bancroft Technical Consulting
Barton, Al Freelance Digital
Becker, Sherwin Unaffiliated
Belton, John Rutgers University
Bove, V. Michael MIT Media Laboratory
Bretl, Wayne Zenith Electronics Corp.
Brooks, John BFA
Candry, Patrick Barco NV
Case, Dominic Unafilliated
Cianci, Philip Consultant
Colpa, Andres HBO
Coppa, Gregory M. CBS, Inc.
Craig, Donald Arboretum Studios
D'Alessio, Angelo CAM - Center for Accessible Media
DeValue, Michael Walt Disney Studios
Dolan, Michael TBT, Inc.
Edwards, Thomas Fox Entertainment Group, Inc.
Ferder, John CBS, Inc.
Gerfelder, Norbert NGConsult
Gilmer, Brad Gilmer & Associates
Goldberg, Paul Unaffiliated
Graham, Keith Graham Associates
Gsell, Eric N. Dolby Laboratories
Hamilton, Scott E. Fox Entertainment Group, Inc.
Hartwell, John E. John Hartwell Consultants
Hearty, Paul Sony
Hoffmann, Hans European Broadcasting Union
Hoffner, Randall Unaffiliated
Holman, Tomlinson Apple Inc.
Iannone, Kim Unaffiliated
Kovalick, Al Media Systems Consulting
Kudrle, Sara Miranda Technologies
Kumeling, Wilfried European Parliament
Lude, Pete RealD
Luff, John HD Consulting
Maltz, Andrew Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
Marcus, Richard Richard Marcus Prodns. Inc
Mc Croskey, Donald C. Unaffiliated
Miller, William Miltag Media Technology, LLC
Morningstar, Natalie Student
Neubert, Neil Consultant
O'Neal, James Newbay Publishing
Oittinen, Pirkko Aalto University of Science
Paulsen, Karl Diversified Systems
Poulin, Felix EBU
Poynton, Charles Unafilliated
Putman, Peter Roam Consulting, LLC
Reuss, Ed GoPro
Schadle, Adam Optibase, Inc.
Schubin, Mark Unaffiliated
Schuller, Edgar Unaffiliated
Schutz, Gavin W. Private Consultant
Scott, Thomas A. Onstream Media / ednet
Shaw, Neil Menlo Scientific Acoustics, Inc.
Simpson, Wes Telecom Product Consulting
Singh, Akash Unafilliated
Smith, Michael Consultant
Snyder, James Library of Congress
Stec, Kevin J. Dynamic Digital Depth Inc.
Storozum, Steve Level 3 Communications
Stough, Stephen A. New Venture Strategies
Thurston, Paul Unaffiliated
Wagner, Reinhard Redaktionsbuero Wagner
Wetmore, R. Evans Consultant
Whitaker, Jerry ATSC
Wilkinson, Jim Unafilliated
Zou, William Y. DTS, Inc.