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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide
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How LinkedIn is Leveraging Cloud Technology for Both Live and Studio Production


Speaker:         Gary Schneider, Lead Media Systems Architect, LinkedIn

How LinkedIn is Leveraging Cloud Technology for Both Live and Studio Production         

For our meeting this month, we will walk through the LinkedIn infrastructure getting a virtual peek at their current on-premises systems and cloud systems and have a discussion of the future of the interoperability between them.

Gary will discuss the challenges of deployment and security.

He will also highlight the core technologies being deployed at LinkedIn which include Net Insight and GV AMPP.

About the speaker: Gary Schneider is the Lead Media Systems Architect for Content Technology Engineering at LinkedIn Corporation. Gary focuses on infrastructure which supports real time media (data in flight) for video content producers at LinkedIn.

Prior to LinkedIn, Gary was President of Media Vision Integration, Inc., an engineering and integration firm, servicing both feature post production as well as broadcast clients.

Since 2015, Gary has been an early adopter of emerging technologies such as IP routing infrastructures and cloud production technology to support remote productions. The vision then and now has been global interoperability of live production technologies between LinkedIn studios.