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    Section Meeting

    Toronto Section April Meeting

    Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2021
    Arranged By: 
    SMPTE Toronto - Jaime Caeiro, Tony Meerakker
    SMPTE Ottawa - Troy English, Anthony Weicker, Eitan Weisz
    SMPTE Toronto Technical Conference – TTC 2021 
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    Click here for the full meeting notice in a PDF format.

    The SMPTE Ottawa and SMPTE Toronto sections join forces to bring you a very exciting topic, LEO - Low Earth Orbit satellites. A low Earth orbit, as the name suggests, is an orbit that is relatively close to the Earth’s surface. Their position is at an altitude of less than 1,000km, which is significantly lower than other satellites; in comparison, GPS are positioned at around 20,000km. LEO, along with many other services, will provide high bandwidth, high-speed gigabit internet connections globally with low communication latency. There is so much to learn about this technology that we invited the industry leaders below to speak to the topic.

    Presenters will include - 
    Michael James Martin, Vice President of Technology, Metercor Inc: 
    Michael's presentation will introduce the three main types of satellites in orbit today – Geostationary (GEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and Low Earth Orbit (LEO).  The main focus is on the next generation LEO satellites used to provide high-speed, gigabit internet connections globally.  The presentation will also highlight a few key use cases that are most relevant to the media industry in Canada.

    Ted Baker, Manager of Enterprise and Broadcast Sales, Telesat
    Thomas Portois, Senior Technical Product Manager, Lightspeed program, Telesat
    Ted and Thomas’ presentation will discuss Telesat's new LEO satellite constellation solution, which has been branded Lightspeed. Topics will include a network overview, user terminals, use cases, competitive comparisons and product offerings.

    All attendees must register using the link below. Upon registration a confirmation email will include the Go-To-Webinar link.

    If you missed the March meeting on 'ASTC 3.0 in 2021' you can watch it in its entirety on our Toronto Section YouTube channel.