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Section Meeting

IP Audio in the Broadcast World

The SMPTE Toronto and The Toronto Audio Engineering Society would like to invite you to their upcoming October Section meeting.  Due to COVID-19 social gathering restrictions this meeting will be virtual.

Topic: 'IP Audio in the Broadcast World'

Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Go-To-Webinar
Arranged By: Reza Saiphoo, Leigh Whitcomb, Kevin Lyver
Sponsor: SMPTE Toronto Technical Conference – TTC 2021

This month's meeting will touch upon IP audio in the broadcast world. We will hear from a broadcaster, Swiss Radio and TV (SRF), manufacturer and software company, Audinate, and to wrap up the evening an update on AES audio standards.

This meeting is a joint meeting with our industry partner AES Toronto (Audio Engineering Society).

The list of presenters and their topics are:
Adrian Hilber, Broadcast IT Expert and Sandro Furter, Project Manager Media Technology from Swiss Radio and TV – Dynamic Audio Workflows.

  • SMPTE ST-2110 enables Swiss Radio and TV to broadcast out from their new Campus Building in Zurich multiple programs in a much flexible way as traditional SDI based infrastructure would allow. SRF will present their Audio Workflow and how SRF has implemented a flexible way of Audio Production in multiple languages from end-to-end.

Bernie Farkus, Audinate, Sr. Technical Sales Engineer - Dante Interoperability.

  • Bernie Farkus will present how Dante Domain Manager enables audio interoperability between Dante devices in the domain and non-Dante SMPTE devices. Topics covered will include a quick overview of Dante Domain Manager, SMPTE Domain clocking setup, and subscribing RTP flows between Dante and non-Dante SMPTE devices.

Anthony P. Kuzub, CBC, Senior Systems Designer / Project Lead Production Systems, Engineering Solutions - Audio Engineering Society Standards Update.

  • Anthony Kuzub will provide updates to various AES Standards including:
    AES67 (High-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability)
    AES67 over WAN (New Efforts)
    AES70 - Open Control Architecture (Classes and protocols)
    AES74 (Requirements for Media Network Directories and Directory Services)

All attendees must register using the link below. Upon registration a confirmation email will include the Go-To-Webinar link.