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    Russian Federation

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    SMPTE section for The Russian Federation (Soviet) section was launched in October 1990 in Moscow initiated by group of technical experts of Goskino USSR. The founders of Soviet section were Vladimir G. Makoveev, Eleonora L. Vinogradova and Vladimir V. Yegorov.

    On July 1, 2021 Oleg Berezin, CEO of Nevafilm JSC, was elected as Chairman of the Russian section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

    Sergey Puskov, CEO of Kinoсomfort Laser LTD, was elected as Secretary of the Russian section.


    SMPTE Russian Federation Section Open Meeting

    September 16, 2021, Kino Expo Forum. Expoforum. Saint-Petersburg

    • 12.00–12.15
      Opening speech. The results of the student competition "Media in the clouds". Konstantin Glasman, SMPTE Regional Governor | Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Central and South America Region, Head of Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory, St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television
    • 12.15-12.45
      Briefly about SMPTE, an overview of SMPTE's current activities on standards and cinema technology news. Oleg Berezin, CEO of JSC "Nevafilm", Chairman of the Russian section of SMPTE
    • 12.45–13.00
      Innovative Russian digital technologies for the world film archives. Sergey Puskov, CEO of Kinokomfort-Laser LLC, Secretary of the Russian section of SMPTE, participant of the Movie Craft project
    • 13.00–13.15
      Standardization of digital cinema - international and national standards. Dmitry Chekalin, Cinema and Photo Research Institute (NIKFI)
    • 13.15-13.30
      Technical quality categories for cinema halls. Vyacheslav Sychev, Cinema and Photo Research Institute (NIKFI)
    • 13.30–14.00