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SMPTE Presents Met.Expo.2024

United Kingdom 2024 meetings

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The UK Section holds monthly evening meetings, where we get together to socialise and discuss topics impacting our industry. Below are write-ups of our meetings in 2024.

February meeting

SMPTE UK explores… The Future of Gaming

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Photos credit to Wren Wood.

On 14 February 30 SMPTE members and friends met at TechUK in London for a fascinating evening as part of their season on Industries of the Future. Half of the attendees were students, including members from Aberdeen, Salford and York Universities!

We heard from Rory Daniels, TechUK's Programme Manager for Emerging Technologies as he described the emerging technologies that are set to underpin the gaming industry of tomorrow, including AI, AR/VR/XR/spatial computing, cloud computing, advanced semiconductors (GPUs), blockchain, IoT, and drones. He explained the fundamentals of the technologies themselves, how he expects these to converge in interesting and significant ways, and how the experience of game creation or gaming may change as a result. He also brought in examples from some of techUK's member organisations, such as NVIDIA, Xbox and Tencent.

Joseph Teasdale from Enders Analysis then discussed their recent Gaming Industry report, covering the business of gaming technology.

Finally we heard from Louis Arrigoni, Cinematic Video Producer and Creative Designer for Games. Louis talked about his career journey from a BSc in Audio Engineering into the world of gaming and some of the fascinating projects he has worked on along the way.

We're grateful to TechUK for hosting this evening event for us, and for providing ample refreshments!

TechUK is the UK's technology trade association, focussed on shaping policy, accelerating innovation and developing markets. Find out more here.

January meeting

SMPTE UK celebrates... Young Innovators and Emerging Talent

Our annual event bringing students, graduates and industry people together was an immense success!
On 25 Jan 2024, 200 SMPTE members and friends, including over 130 students and young talent met at Sky's Central Cinema for an evening celebrating the achievements of young innovators and showing pathways into media engineering. We saw some really interesting lightening talks from recent graduates at Anna Valley, EVS and Sky; and then a very encouraging panel featuring young talent at Solent, NEP and Channel 4. This was then followed by a time of networking where young talent were deliberately mixed with groups of industry experts. There was lots of great conversation and many connections made!
We're incredibly grateful to Sky for hosting the event, providing more than ample supplies of pizza and drinks, and also for providing tours of the Sky Sports studios for students in the afternoon before the event. 

Photos credit to Wren Wood.

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