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    A comprehensive study of color management techniques for digital motion picture productions

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    High impact techniques, taught in this course, have the potential to elevate image quality, accelerate post-production and enable productions to deliver simultaneously to SDR and HDR display devices. Participants will learn how to get the most out of modern digital cameras and be able to take full control over the image. Learn how to deploy various color management techniques to a whole spectrum of productions, from live transmissions to high-end feature film shows. As a bonus module, we focus on cinematographers and how they can best manage color-managed workflow and set the right level of expectation from their DITs, Dailies Colorist, Supervising Colorist, and Color Scientist. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

    • Explain digital image processing path from the film set to final delivery
    • Describe the process of Color Management that greatly improves, accelerates, and automates digital image post processing
    • Apply theoretical and practical knowledge of color management in film and TV productions, focusing on standard, advanced and ACES color management models
    • Design color management pipelines based on multi-format, SDR/HDR delivery requirements
    • Collaborate remotely while preserving image consistency and creative intent

    What you'll learn:

    Intended Audience:

    • Cinematographers wanting to explore the possibilities of digital cinematography
    • DITs wanting to advance their careers beyond data management tasks
    • Filmmakers who want to learn all about color
    • Colorists wanting to boost their knowledge and learn how to expand their role beyond final color correction

    Instructor-Led Course Duration: 7 Weeks 

    Independent-Study Course Duration: Ongoing

    Prerequisites: None

    Level: Intermediate

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    All courses are 50% off when you use code 50Off.

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    Instructor-Led Course:

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