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Digital Cinema Package

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Instructor - Jack Watts

Jack Watts is an independent media solutions consultant based in London, UK. Having worked for globally recognised brands such as Technicolor and Deluxe, Jack has gathered over 12 years’ experience in the Media and Entertainment industry and has aided in cultivating multiple workflows and implementations still relied upon today. Jack has a specialist discipline in advanced formats such as Digital Cinema and IMF along with a complete understanding of their underlying and peripheral industry standards. He operates under the name Trench Digital.

Course Overview

In today’s digital world, forward-looking media organizations are shifting from traditional workflows to transformative digital workflows enabling greater efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. This is especially true in Digital Cinema. If you are a professional in media production, distribution, or mastering, you need to know how to use the SMPTE Digital Cinema Package (DCP) to enable innovation, automation, and cost savings for your company. This course focuses on the benefits and practical considerations of using DCPs in mastering and distribution. You’ll take away the knowledge needed to stand out in your organization as you help it adopt and reap the full benefits of DCPs within a modern digital media workflow.
Participants should be familiar with digital cinema mastering and distribution.

Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize the technical and business advantages of adopting SMPTE DCPs
  • Discuss the various file types and their functions in a SMPTE Digital Cinema Package
  • Outline the SMPTE DCP mastering process
  • Explain how the SMPTE DCP manages Timed Text
  • Describe how the DCP helps overcome the challenges of international versioning
  • List the necessary requirement for global DCP distribution
  • Explain the fundamentals of MXF files, the composition playlist, current mastering practices and componentization, encryption, digital signatures, certificates and more
  • Discus s how the DCP helps overcome the challenges of international versioning