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High Dynamic Range - HDR

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Instructor - Pierre Hugues Routhier

Former aerospace engineer Pierre Hugues Routhier is a specialist in advanced imaging technologies that provides training to studios, manufacturers, and broadcasters worldwide. He has developed innovative solutions and workflows for studios and postproduction facilities in all fields of advanced imaging: ultra-high resolution, high frame rate, VR/AR, HDR, and others. Routhier is credited with more than a dozen patents related to advanced imaging and has been published in several industry papers. His latest book, “High Dynamic Range for Television and Motion Pictures: A Digital Troublemaker Guide,” has quickly become an industry reference on HDR for broadcast and motion pictures.

Course Overview- Now Available In Multiple Languages!

Welcome to an updated course on High Dynamic Range! In this new version of the course you will be able to select Closed Captions in the lectures. The languages available for CC include: English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Japanese, and Português. 
High Dynamic Range has become a ubiquitous topic in almost any discussion of production and post-production, and a technology that’s crucial for Engineers, Technicians and their Managers to understand. HDR has been eagerly embraced across the industry for its ability to deliver a greater range of contrast and color detail, yet it also requires adaption throughout the end-to-end workflow, from lighting to capture, post-production, encoding, delivery and display. From this comprehensive course, you’ll take away a solid understanding of HDR  that will support your current work and open up possibilities for new roles and responsibilities. This course covers critical concepts and practical considerations across the HDR workflow, from mastering to production, distribution, and viewing.
This course addresses workflows for mastering HDR content for theatrical and home distribution. In doing so, it will delve into foundational building blocks of HDR including human perception of light and how it is captured, the opto-electronic transfer function (OETF), the electro- optical transfer function (EOTF), the HDR ecosystem, HDR displays, HDR workflows, and more.
Participants should have some experience in production and post-production display technology.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the HDR chain, from lighting to capture, post production, encoding, delivery, and display
  • Discuss the practical implications of establishing various HDR workflows
  • Build an extensive vocabulary around HDR and communicate effectively about related systems and workflows
  • Describe the scientific building blocks that allow HDR to deliver stunning image quality
  • Discuss physical properties of light and how it is perceived differently by our eyes, on film and with digital capture
  • Recognize the differences between HDR in capture and display, and make the right strategic decisions on cameras, display technologies and workflows for your needs