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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

Introduction to Networks – CCNA1

Instructor-Led Courses

September 26, 2022 - Register here


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Non-Member Price:  $599.00

Course Overview

Instructor William Hocker

Intended Audience:

  • Engineers and Technicians learning
    to work in the ST 2110 IP
    environment, or transitioning to
    working in Virtual Production
  • IT Professionals requiring a solid
    introduction or a refresher in network
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Introduction to Networks – CCNA1

Take a major step towards strengthening your career with this Cisco Academy-designed introduction to network operations. This first in our three-part networking series introduces architectures, models, protocols, and networking elements – functions needed to support the operations of organizations from the Fortune 500 and small innovative retailers, to Broadcasters transporting media over IP. You’ll learn to build simple local area networks (LANs) as you gain a working knowledge of IP addressing schemes, network security and basic configuration of routers and switches. You’ll develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as you employ industry best practices while learning on real-world equipment. And you’ll earn a Cisco Networking Academy badge upon completing the course. 

  • Advance your career as a professional in IT, or in the Media and Entertainment industry as it moves to Virtual Production and Broadcast over IP
  • Get hands-on experience with the tools and technologies essential to internet working, routing, and switching 
  • Learn from materials produced by Cisco and presented by expert instructors from SMPTE 
  • Gain access to assignments and applications specific to Cisco’s training curricula 
  • Ensure that you’re mastering the skills needed to take the CCNA  Routing and Switching
    certification exams