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Mark Your Calendar! April 26th booth selection meeting for MTS2024

Virtual Event Terms & Conditions

Virtual Event Terms and Conditions

By Agreeing to these Terms at Registration, you hereby:

  • Agree to abide by and adhere to all Event terms and policies, including the Virtual Event Code of Conduct;

  • Agree that you have reviewed SMPTE’s Privacy Policy (available at www.smpte.org/privacy) if you wish to better understand SMPTE’s personally identifying information collection and use practices;

  • Consent to SMPTE’s collection, disclosure, access, maintenance, and use of your personally identifying information in accordance with SMPTE’s Privacy Policy, including without limitation, for payment processing and with third parties for marketing purposes (until you elect to not share your information with third parties (subject to the opt-out(s) described in SMPTE’s Privacy Policy));

  • Consent to receiving information from SMPTE regarding the Event and its related activities;

  • Acknowledge and agree to grant SMPTE the right to record, film, livestream, photograph, or capture your likeness in any media now available or hereafter developed and to distribute, broadcast, use, or otherwise globally to disseminate, in perpetuity, such media without any further approval from you or any payment to you. This grant to SMPTE includes, but is not limited to, the right to edit such media, the right to use the media alone or together with other information, and the right to allow others to use or disseminate the media; and

  • Agree to release, discharge, and hold harmless SMPTE and its Event partners, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, employees, contractors, volunteer staff, and successors from any and all liability that may arise directly or indirectly, now or in the future, by reason of any injury, damage, loss, or expense incurred by you or your property (in your possession or control) as a result of attending the Virtual Event;

Virtual Event Code of Conduct

SMPTE is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all virtual event participants and staff. All participants, including, but not limited to, attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, exhibitors, SMPTE staff members, service providers, and all others are expected to abide by this Virtual Events Code of Conduct. This Policy applies to all SMPTE virtual events and courses, including those sponsored by organizations other than SMPTE but held in conjunction with SMPTE events, on public or private platforms.

SMPTE has zero-tolerance for any form of discrimination or harassment by participants or our staff during any SMPTE events or activities. If you experience harassment or hear of any incidents of unacceptable behavior, SMPTE asks that you inform either Barbara Lange, Executive Director, or +1-914-205-2370 or Sally-Ann D’Amato, Director of Events, and Governance Liaison, +1-914-205-2375, so that we can take the appropriate action.

Unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to:

  • Harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in any form, including, but not limited to:

    • Intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning speech or actions.

    • Harmful or prejudicial verbal or written comments or visual images related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or other personal characteristics, including those protected by law.

    • Inappropriate use of nudity and/or sexual images.

    • Real or implied threat of professional or financial damage or harm.

  • Inappropriate disruption of meetings, sessions, discussions, presentations, instruction, training, demonstrations, or other events organized by SMPTE.

  • Inclusion of promotional materials, special offers, job offers, product announcements, or solicitation for services within presentations, postings, and messages, except as provided by Exhibitors and Sponsors within areas of the event platform approved by SMPTE.  SMPTE reserves the right to remove such messages and potentially ban sources of such solicitations.

  • Use of unlicensed images as virtual backgrounds.

  • Photographing, video or audio recording, or any other unauthorized capture of any content or communication displayed or provided through the virtual platform.  

  • Recording of any one‐on‐one meetings, group discussions, virtual networking, or any other activity with other event participants without prior written consent from all other participants in the conversation.

  • Reproduction or dissemination of any content presented or included in a virtual event program.

  • Use of a registration or event access by any individual other than the registrant whose name appears on the original registration.

  • Use of any names or trademarks of SMPTE without express prior permission

SMPTE reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary and appropriate, including immediate removal from the virtual event without warning or refund, in response to any incident of unacceptable behavior, and SMPTE reserves the right to prohibit attendance at any future event, virtually or in person.