Work with SMPTE

Work with the SMPTE Standards Community

The standards community uses a variety of tools to enable standards development, conduct reviews, move the industry toward interoperability, and more.

Some of the facilities below may be accessed only by standards community members, and are denoted as such.

A variety of expertise is required to facilitate the development of standards documents, so consider joining the standards community. Inquiries may be directed to SMPTE’s standards director via this form.

  • SMPTE OLC (requires standards community membership)

    This is where collaboration happens within the standards community. From ballots to standards document management and communication, it is THE official tool to ensure that due process is maintained.

  • SMPTE-Registration Authority (RA)

    In order to facilitate interoperability, the Registration Authority (RA) provides publicly accessible registers of metadata elements, unique identifiers, values, etc. which are being used by the industry or in SMPTE documents.

  • SMPTE GitHub (requires standards community membership, except for review of public Commitee Drafts (public CDs)

    Github is used as a store of repositories for SMPTE software projects, as a tool for document development and maintenance, and used for SMPTE code development as well as issue tracking and resolution.

  • SMPTE Trello (requires standards community membership)

    Some SMPTE groups use Trello to manage projects.

  • SMPTE Slack (requires standards community membership)

    Informal communication occurs on SMPTE’s Slack channels. Any official standards communication must occur via the SMPTE OLC reflector.