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Standards Current Project Progress

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  • [31FS] ST 2073-10 Revision Project Not Approved 0%
    Start date: 01/08/2024
    Scope: Constrained revision of ST 2073-10:2017 MXF Wrapper to (1) incorporate references to and specifications from parts of the VC-5 standards suite published after ST 2073-10 was published and (2) may be required for file-based workflows using MXF and IMF Applications.
  • [31FS] 31FS-Revision-ST-381-3-AVC into MXF GC Project Not Approved 0%
    Start date: 12/10/2023
    Scope: To update the normative references.
  • [31FS] AXFlib – Open Source Toolkit for AXF Project Approved 10%
    Start date: 11/10/2023
    Scope: To develop, validate, and publish the source code for a codebase containing a toolset that implements the fundamental functions required to create, manipulate, access, list, describe, and validate Archive eXchange Format (AXF) data objects intended for wrapping and organizing files so that they can be treated as a single unit when it is useful to do so.
  • [32NF] 32NF-Revision-ST-2110-40-Ancillary-Data(FPS-corrections) Project Not Approved 0%
    Start date: 11/06/2023
    Scope: Correct two editorial errors in clause 7 ‘Session Description Protocol’ related to Format Specific Parameters that reference non-existent documents. Add an informative note in the Foreword explaining that typographical errors are corrected in this revised version of the document.
  • [32NF] 32NF-40 WG SDI Interfaces Project Approved 10%
    Start date: 06/26/2023
    Scope: Develop and maintain SMPTE documents related to electrical and optical SDI interfaces, including SDI, HD-SDI, and Ultra HD-SDI interfaces. Provide input on one and five year reviews (as requested), revise existing documents as directed, and develop new documents when needed.
  • [10E] Revision of ST 2048-1:2011 Digital Cinematography Production Image Formats FS/709 WG or DG working on WD doc 20%
    Start date: 06/19/2023
    Scope: Update normative references and rollup with Amendment 1:2016 to SMPTE ST 2048-1:2011.
  • [10E] Revision of ST 2048-2:2011 Digital Cinematography FS/709 Formatting for SDI WG or DG working on WD doc 20%
    Start date: 06/19/2023
    Scope: Update references.
  • [10E] Revision of ST 2048-3:2012 Digital Cinematography FS/709 Mapping into 10Gb/s SDI WG or DG working on WD doc 20%
    Start date: 06/19/2023
    Scope: Update references
  • [32NF] 32NF-90 WG Data on AES3 Project Approved 10%
    Start date: 06/12/2023
    Scope: Develop and maintain SMPTE documents related to transport of data on the AES3 interface as defined in ST 337 "Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in AES3 Serial Digital Audio Interface", including ST 338 "Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in AES3 - Data Types" and documents defining the transport of specific Data Types. Provide input on one and five year reviews, revise existing documents as directed, and develop new documents when needed.
  • [27C] ST 428-24 D-Cinema Distribution Master — Packed Image (pDCDM) Project in Public CD 45%
    Start date: 04/05/2023
    Scope: This document specifies a mapping of DCDM images, as specified in SMPTE ST 428-1, into mathematically lossless JPEG 2000 codestreams, each called a packed image.
  • [31FS] ST 2135 JSON Representation of SMPTE Registered Data (RegJSON) WG or DG working on WD doc 20%
    Start date: 04/01/2023
    Scope: Specify an isomorhphic (reversible) mapping of SMPTE metadata to JSON, following the approach of defining mapping rules and normative schemas as is employed for ST2001 XML Representation of SMPTE Registered Data (Reg-XML).
  • [35PM] ST 2067-72 IMF Application VC-5 TC has WD document 25%
    Start date: 03/13/2023
    Scope: Completion of an IMF Application for VC-5 image essence limited to the capabilities of the VC-5 MXF wrapper specified in SMPTE ST 2073-10.
  • [10E] 10E ST Common LUT Format WG or DG working on WD doc 20%
    Start date: 03/01/2023
    Scope: The CLF is a human-readable text file format for the interchange of color transformations using an XML schema. The XML schema supports Look-Up Tables of several types: 1D LUTs, 3D LUTs, and 3×1D LUTs, as well as additional transformation needs such as matrices, range rescaling, and “shaper LUTs.”
  • [34CS] 34CS-Revision-ST-2021-4-BXFSchema(NABA-Recommendation) DP 85%
    Start date: 01/18/2023
    Scope: Edit the schemas and related documentation in ST 2021-4 to follow the NABA Ad Spot Metadata Recommendation.
  • [32NF] UTC Aligned Timecode WG or DG working on WD doc 20%
    Start date: 01/02/2023
    Scope: Develop algorithms and methods to accurately relate the timecode date, time, and metadata to PTP referenced time for both integer and fraction frame rates Define the binary group coding of the date, UTC offset and optionally the rate and higher rate metadata utilizing ST 262 or ST 309. Develop a new standard to document for the new timecode generation process
  • [31FS] Revision ST-377-1 MXF File Format full revision phase 1 Project Approved 10%
    Start date: 01/01/2023
    Scope: List of issues to be addressed • #3 Leaves with OID encoding that rolls over the 0x7f max byte value • #8 Are Partition Packs KLV Aligned? • #10 G.2.25 Picture Essence Coding page 170 10bit 422 coding • #11 Definition of “isSparse” in ST 377-1:2011 Am2:2012 • #16 Differentiate correctly between the terms “Index Table” and “Index Table Segment • #18 Is Duration in 377-1 optional? • #21 DataStream vs DataValue • #22 Type definition of “Flags” in Index Table • #23 377-1-2019 cites the wrong source document • #25 Inconsistencies between document and SMPTE registry • #26 SubDescriptor item of Multiple Descriptor • #27 Signed integers use two's-complement binary representation • #28 SourceClip inheritance mismatch in 377-1
  • [27C] Exhibition Display Study Group WG or DG working on WD doc 20%
    Start date: 12/14/2022
    Scope: • The study group shall investigate the needs and wants of the various concerned parties – e.g., DCI, Exhibitors, Manufacturers, Distribution Partners, Installers, QC Testers, and any others affected by the expansion of Exhibition Display Technology. • The group will investigate the implications of both Projection and LED displays that now reach into the ITU-R Rec BT.2020 color space and using and ITU-R Rec BT.2100 transfer functions, for displaying up to 300 nits (possibly 500) and down to 5 millinits (or lower), and the implications of their use in various combinations and with various hardware and software in the current and future infrastructures. • The group will investigate the capabilities of this equipment for any instances where the inclusion of the new technologies might create errors in equipment less capable, whether electronic, mechanical or human. • The group will consider implications for the DCDM and DCP, possible flows upstream from Production and Post into Exhibition, and downstream into, as examples, IMF and archiving due to the the needs the expanded requirements, including metadata and naming conventions and if required bitstream and compression and communication to exhibition personnel and equipment. • The group will consider these implications for use in cinema auditoriums, review rooms, and possibly the general displays in executive suites used for review purposes. • The group will consider what documents might be affected or useful for revision to include new parameters, and also consider whether new documents might be more useable, including the case where many parts of older documents establishing metrics of older technologies (for example) might be better collated or harmonized into a new document. • The group’s report will outline the top-level details of the requirements of the various needs and implications of the new technologies influence, on potential SMPTE documents to revise and/or create, and also submit a organizing chart that could assist with the future flow of such document(s) revision or creation. • The work of the Study Group will not be constrained, excepting that 1. it is only to investigate, discuss, correlate and report. No test materials, sample bitstreams, sample software, data schemas, validation criteria, or problem decomposition shall be developed during the work of this Study Group Project. 2. There is a time limit on the Study Group of 6 months, including time for liaisons and writing the final report. • The Study Group Report will be Public.
  • [31FS] ST-2134-31FS-ST-DMS-TLC WG or DG working on WD doc 20%
    Start date: 12/14/2022
    Scope: Specify an architecture to support multiple schemes for time labels and for collections of time labels that is compatible with MXF and KLV and permits the representation and serialization of these labels in MXF, KLV, XML and JSON. Specify at least one such scheme (besides TLX). The scheme for TLX is being developed under the extant “31FS ST 2120-4 TLX KLV Encoding and MXF Mapping” project.
  • [30MR] 30MR Metadata Registers Revision (“Jalapeno” release) WD to CD Process 30%
    Start date: 12/13/2022
    Scope: Update SMPTE ST 2123:2022-xx to cover the SMPTE Metadata Registers snapshot including 5 additional accepted submissions.
  • [10E] RP Measurement of Video Display Reflectance WG or DG working on WD doc 20%
    Start date: 11/21/2022
    Scope: Define a method of measuring the reflectance of a video display that is consistent with how it will be used in the reference viewing environment defined in SMPTE ST 2080-3.