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The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is dedicated to developing technical standards and education for motion imaging, insuring media interoperability throughout the creative, distribution and display process. SMPTE Pittsburgh seeks to be the bridge between the diverse media communities and educational institutions, research organizations, and companies engaged in professional media of all types to further enhance the region’s importance and reputation.

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Last Event of the 2017-18 Season.  See you in the fall!


Here is our complete schedule of the 2017-18 Monthly Events:

(Meeting dates and topics are subject to change, due to speaker and venue availability.)

September 13, 2017  "Virtualization in Media Technology" at WESA/WYEP Studios
October 4, 2017  "IP Video Roadshow"  at the WPXI Community Room
November 1, 2017  Compression Technology Update
December 6, 2017  "IP Video Routing, Fact vs. Fiction"
January 10. 2018  Audio Consoles and Digital Audio Transports
February 7, 2018  HDR and UHD Technology with Larry Thorpe of Canon, USA
March 7, 2018  Wireless Audio Technology
April 4, 2018  SMPTE Standards
May 16, 2018  Cloud-Based Editing Systems


2017-18 Master Class Schedule

October 14, 2017  "DSLR Production Techniques"  (COMPLETED)
Winter 2018  IMF and DPP File Packages - Watch for details in December
Spring 2018  Remote Production Operators Training

If you are interested in adding some of your expertise to any of these events, please let us know, at




Photos from our November SMPTE Centennial Event at the Fairmont Hotel

Photo credit:  Ra'iel Young, Pittsburgh Technical College




If you were not able to make it to the event and would like to watch Mark Schubin's special presentation "Pittsburgh, SMPTE and Before", just click on this link.