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Welcome to SMPTE Pittsburgh

Join Our Friends List Section Managers

Due to dwindling Membership, low event turnout, no volunteers coming forward to fill four (4) Manager positions, and other related factors, the Section Managers of SMPTE Pittsburgh Section voted earlier this year to place the Section on Inactive Status. Many conversations and ideas were discussed with SMPTE HQ to preserve our Section, but none were deemed feasible. Yesterday (17 August 2023) the SMPTE HQ Board voted to dissolve the SMPTE Pittsburgh Section. It is with heavy hearts we share this following announcement sent today to the remaining Members from HQ, who helped grow us from zero in 2014 to a peak of about 100 Members. We wish all of you well, and hope to see you around town.

Warm Regards,
Your Section Managers

Bill Bennett
Final Chair, SMPTE Pittsburgh 

Dear Pittsburgh colleagues,

As requested, the Pittsburgh Section has been dissolved, and your Section membership will be moved to the Ohio Section. As a member, you can attend Section events anywhere in the world since many events are online only, or they are streamed.  

To find out about other Section events, just visit the SMPTE website at https://www.smpte.org/events.    Or you can sign up to get notifications from other Sections by adding those sections to list of requested emails at https://www.smpte.org/subscribe

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at membership@smpte.org.

Thank you for your support of SMPTE!

Best regards,

Rose Lockwood
Membership VP





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The Pittsburgh Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is dedicated to developing understanding, education, enlightenment, camaraderie and professional & career development for our region and beyond, as related to motion imaging, insuring media interoperability throughout the creative, distribution and display process. Further, SMPTE Pittsburgh seeks to be the bridge between the diverse media communities and educational institutions, research organizations, and companies engaged in professional media of all types to further enhance the region’s importance and reputation.

Unfortunately due to low registration numbers, our March 15th event at Haddad's has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule at a time when more people can attend.

Prior Events:

DSLR’s vs Dedicated Camcorders in Commercial Production

From May 4th 2022, Mr. Glenn Przyborski joined us once again with his presentation titled "DSLR's versus Dedicated Camcorders in Commercial Production".  The event was hosted by our friends at Robert Morris University at Hopwood Hall in the Patrick Henry Center on the Moon Township Campus.  Glenn brought and passed around some nice camera toys too.



Our First In-Person Event in Two Years: March 2022

Covering the Olympics: Technology Changes for 2021 and 2022
Glen Levine and Orin Smith of NEP will provide insights into the changes in coverage and delivery of the Games of the last year. After the presentation we will have the opportunity to tour through one of NEP's incredible mobile production units. We're lucky to have a world class company like NEP host this meeting. 

February: An hour with Hollywood Steadicam/Camera Operator and his Stories.
John “Buzz” Moyer" Buzz has been involved with the camera work on over 70 feature films, including the newest adaptation of the musical “West Side Story”.


 January: Town Hall
All Members and Guest invited to join-in with all cameras and mics active, to share their perspectives of the industry and how SMPTE Pittsburgh can help become more relevant and helpful than ever.