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#SMPTEPeople (1)


#SMPTEStories helps us highlight and celebrate the professionals within SMPTE that have excelled in their career.

The #SMPTEPeople social media campaign has been a great way to highlight special people within SMPTE, from employees, and volunteers, to our student members.

With #SMPTEStories we continue to share the wide variety of reasons people have joined SMPTE throughout the years, each of our friends and colleagues sharing a different story of how it has affected their lives and careers.

Below you will meet friends of SMPTE that we have interviewed, and get glimpse of their own personal SMPTE journey.

“What’s your SMPTE story?”

SMPTEPeople (Final 2)



Terence Yiu

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Siegfried Foessel

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Ryan Hendricks, PhD

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Jelani Barker

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Anthony Catalano

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Andrea Avendano

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Ryoya Terao

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Kamil Rutkowski

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Barry Goch

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Thomas Edwards

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Michael Cieslinski

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Ang Lee

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Madeleine Noland

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Charles Jablonski

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Didier LeGall

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Touradj Ebrahimi

Carrie Wootten

Christina Nowak

Ed DeLauter

Gina Witzke

Nadia Aftab

Chris Lapp

Zandra Clarke

Polly Hickling

Ricky Figueroa

David Long

Mark Mullen

Mona Smothers

Tony Ngai

Farisa Ahmed

Thomas Kernen