Participation in Technology Committees

Anyone interested in the standards process is welcome to join the SMPTE Standards Community. SMPTE Technology Committees are open to professionals interested in, or affected by, SMPTE Standards. Just add Standards Participation to your cart in the SMPTE Store, and get involved! (details below)

Participation Fees and Pricing Details

All committee members, except for some SMPTE members who are exempted, pay an annual fee that offsets a small part of the cost of the program. Rules for exemption are published at Participation Fees and Exemptions

SMPTE Members can participate in Technology Committees for $500/year additional charge. The charge will be pro-rated to match the expiration date of your SMPTE Membership. Just log in to your account, then purchase Standards Participation in the SMPTE Store.

  • Note: Associate and Student members must upgrade to a Professional or Professional - Executive membership prior to joining the Standards Community.

Non-members are charged a Technology Committee participation fee of $775 US per year. This permits Participating or Observer membership of any due process committee(s).

The Standards Workspace

Once you have completed payment you will have access rights to the Standards Workspace.

For an introduction to the Workspace click here.