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Excellence in Education Medal Award Recipients

The Excellence in Education Medal, established in 2016 and sponsored by William C. Miller and Ellen Sontag-Miller, recognizes outstanding contributions to new or unique educational programs that teach the technologies of motion pictures, television, or other imaging sciences, including emerging media technology.

2022 - Carrie Wootten

In recognition of her outstanding efforts to promote and foster careers within the broadcast technology industry through her work with universities and accrediting bodies, and the establishment of the Rise Up Academy. The Academy works to expose students as young as nine years old to the media technology industry through hands-on workshops and education, with the ambition to enable the development of a more diverse and qualified workforce entering the industry. To this end, Wooten has also worked to implement the Broadcast and Media Systems Engineering Degree Apprenticeship program at Ravensbourne University, and to develop specific technologist and engineer pathways within the ScreenSkills website. In addition, the award-winning Rise Mentoring Program has helped to promote gender diversity in the industry and has worked to retain female professionals in the field through the invaluable support provided by their mentors.

Huw Davies

In recognition of his near-decade-long work at the forefront of apprenticeship development for motion picture engineering/technologists in the United Kingdom. This form of education has proven to be very successful at enabling people to enter the field of broadcast engineering, including some who might not have considered it otherwise. Creating an apprenticeship can be a challenging process that involves many parties, including educational institutions and employers. Innovators like Huw Davies help to keep media technology education relevant and inclusive

Corey Carbonara

In recognition of his more than 35 years of teaching production and media technology. His ability to transform complex ideas into lessons that his students can understand is revered. His passion for media and digital technology and for the role they play in the lives of individuals is evident in every class he teaches.

Elizabeth Daley

In recognition of her three decades of pioneering leadership as Dean of the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.  Daley has demonstrated her dedication to the essential role that technology plays in entertainment by establishing the Entertainment Technology Center, the Interactive Media and Games Program, and the Immersive Media Lab at the USC, as well as her selection of faculty who appreciate the interaction between technology and storytelling.

Michael F. Korpi

For his innovative methods of teaching, especially creating joint courses at Baylor University, in which multidisciplinary teams of creative and technical students collaborate on projects at an accelerated schedule. The students enrolled in this program accomplish in a single semester, tasks that conventionally require much more time. The team-building skills and cross-disciplinary training students gain from Korpi’s innovative courses are directly applicable to and prepare students for the world outside academia.