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The Journal Certificate of Merit


"Workflow as a Service Delivered by the Dynamic Media Services Architecture,” in SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, vol. 131, no. 9, pp. 59-70, October 2022


Brad Gilmer

journal_cert_merit_hammond_grant_photo_1Grant Hammond

Grant Hammond is a management consultant and a chief architect, with over 25 years of experience in developing and directing industry-redefining technology and business change programs within the media and entertainment sector. He has consulted with many telcos, state-, and privately-owned broadcasters globally. He has been responsible for planning and architecting both the earliest and largest IP-based live production facilities, including a pan- European private cloud for live media production.  He is considered a leading authority on the design and delivery of hybrid cloud media production platforms and the requisite business transformations for their effective operation. 

  • Michael Zink and Michael D. Smith for the article, "On the Calculation and Usage of HDR Static Content Metadata," August 2021
  • Rich Welsh for the article, "Cloud Production Pipeline Using IMF, C4ID, and Open TimeLine IO," October 2021

Tested Perceptual Difference Between UHD -1/4 K and UHD-2/8K,
published in the July 2020 issue of the Motion Imaging Journal, Volume 129, Issue 6

  • Michael Zink
  • Aansh Malik

  • Michael D. Smith

  • Award not given
  • Kazuyuki Arai  
  • Yoshiro Takiguchi 
  •  Kenichiro Masaoka, Kazuyuki Arai, and Yoshiro Takiguchi for the article "Realtime Measurement of Ultrahigh-Definition Camera Modulation Transfer Function," published in the November/December 2018 issue of the Motion Imaging Journal: Volume: 127 Issue: 10 
  • Jaclyn Pytlarz, Elizabeth Pieri, and Robin Atkins for the article, "Objectively Evaluating High-Dynamic-Range and Wide-Color-Gamut  Color Differences," March 2017.
  • Nikolaus Kero, Thomas Kernen, and Tobias Muller, for the article, "Efficient Monitoring of ST 2059-2 Based Time Transfer  Performance," May/June 2017.
  • Katy C. Noland, for the article, “High Frame Rate Television: Sampling Theory, the Human Visual System, and Why the Nyquist–Shannon Theorem Does Not Apply,” April 2016.
  •  David Long and Mark D. Fairchild, for the article, “Observer Metamerism Models and Multiprimary Display Systems,” April 2016.
  • Charles Poynton, Jeroen Stessen, and Rutger Nijland, for the article, “Deploying Wide Color Gamut and High Dynamic Range in HD  and UHD,” April 2016.
  • Larry Thorpe, Fumiaki Usui, and Ryuhei Kamata, for the article, “Lens Considerations for Digital Cinematography,” January/February 2016.
  • Jürgen Burghardt, Jörg Houpert, and Timo Meyer, for the article “Increased Value of Video Assets: New Technologies for the Automatic Transfer and Digital Preservation of Analog Videocassettes,” January/February 2014.
  •  Joachim Keinert, Michael Schöberl, Matthias Ziegler, Frederik Zilly, and Siegfried Foessel, for the article “High-Dynamic Range Video Cameras  Based on Single Shot Non-Regular Sampling,” November/December 2014.
  • Benjamin Bross, Heiko Schwarz, and Detlev Marpe, for the article, "The New High-Efficiency Video Coding Standard,” May/June 2013.
  • Brian Long, Roger Schwenke, Ph.D., Peter Soper, and Glenn Leembruggen, for the article, "Further Investigations Into the Interactions Between Cinema Loudspeakers and Screens," Nov/Dec 2012.
  • Martin S. Banks, Dr. Jenny C. A. Read, Robert Allison, and Dr. Simon J. Watt, for the article, "Stereoscopy and the Human Visual System,"  May/June 2012.
  • Mihailo Stojancic and Dan Eakins for the article, "Interoperable AV Sync Systems in the SMPTE 22TV Lip Sync AHG: Content-Fingerprinting-Based  Audio-Video Synchronization," July/August 2011.
  •  Carlos Vázquez, Ph.D. and Dr. Wa James Tam, for the article, "A Nonconventional Approach to the Conversion of 2D Video and Film Content to  Stereoscopic 3D" May/June 2011.
  • Sean McCarthy, Ph.D, for the article, "A Biological Framework for Perceptual Video Processing and Compression" Nov/Dec 2010.
  • David Wood, for the article, "Understanding Stereoscopic Television and Its Challenges" October 2010.
  • Karl E. Paulsen, Michael E. Walter, Keith Ian Graham, and Randall Hoffner for their article, “Considerations in Physical Infrastructures  for 3 Gbit/sec Systems Design,” May/June 2009.      
  • Akira Nakagawa, for the article, “The 4:2:2/4:2:0 Perfect Reconstruction Filter Set and its Application in HD-SNG,” July/August 2009.
  • Laurence J. Thorpe, Yasuyuki Tomita, and Ken Ito for the paper, “Auto-Focus System for HDTV Field Lenses,” March 2008.
  • Nestor M. Rodriguez and Richard B. Wheeler, for the paper, “Integrated Calibration and Management of Color, Tone, and Image Structure     in a Digital Intermediate System,”   October 2008.
  • Tomlinson Holman, “Cinema Electro-Acoustic Quality Redux” May/June 2007.
  • Paul W. Jones, “Efficient JPEG 2000 VBR Compression with True Constant Perceived Quality” July/August 2007.
  • Thomas O. Maier, “Color Processing for Digital Cinema” (Parts 1 through 6), October 2007, November/December 2007,  January/February 2008, May/June 2008.
  • David L. Long and Thomas O. Maier, “Designing Camera Origination Films for Scan-Only Applications in Television and Digital  Intermediate,” April 2006.
  • Hiroshi Shimamoto, Takayuki Yamashita, Noriyuki Koga, Kohji Mitani, Masayuki Sugawara, Fumio Okano, Masato Matsuoka, Jiro Shimura, Isao
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  • Hideaki Mita, Haruo Ohta, Hideki Ohtaka, Tatsushi Bannai, Tsutomu Tanaka, and Phil Livingston, “A New Solid-State Memory-Based Television Acquisition System,” July/August 2005.
  • Jean-Pierre Vitton, Steven M. Gerlach, Marian Herz, Susan D. Hill and Alan J. Masson, “Influence of Image Spread on Sound Film Performance,” May/June 2004.
  • Award not given
  • Leonard J. Reder and Michael Farris, "A Tour up the Gray Scale Vector of the RGB Color Cube: How Computer Graphics Color Spaces Relate  to Digital Video Color Difference Space," July/August 2002.
  • David Bancroft, "A Very High Bit Rate Data Recorder," October 2002.
  • Award not given
  • Charles Fenimore, Stephen Wolf, and John Libert, "Perceptual Effects of Noise in Digital Video Compression," March 2000.
  •  Laurence J. Thorpe, "Technical Aspects of the New World of Multiformat DTV Embodying Progressive, Interlaced, and Segmented Frame Video Format," Sept. 2000.
  •   Award not given.
  •  Al Kovalick, "Referencing Architecture for Digital Video/Audio Transfer and Streaming," August, 1998.
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