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    Jessica Wan


    Jessica Wan | USA – Western Region, 2021-2022

    Jessica Wan, a Media Systems Engineer at Pixar Animation Studios. Before Pixar, I earned my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. I studied engineering because I love technology and problem solving. I also love movies, so being able to work in entertainment technology is a real privilege and delight. I’ve been a SMPTE member for about two years. So far, I’ve attended one SMPTE conference, helped host one SMPTE meeting with the local SF chapter, and been on two panels at SMPTE-related events. I may not have decades of experience, but I can offer a different perspective. I think it is very important for the organization to expand membership to include a wider range of professional and personal experiences. If elected, I plan to engage and collaborate with SMPTE leadership on reexamining our current practices and recruitment efforts to help steer the society towards a more inclusive organizational culture. I have personally found the technical presentations, educational offerings, and networking opportunities invaluable and I would like these benefits to be enjoyed by a greater variety of people. Not only would this have lasting implications for SMPTE and the industry at large, but it will have an enduring impact on young professionals like me.