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SMPTE stands with our friends, colleagues, and family in Ukraine, and with all people of Ukraine

Frank Torbert

Southern_Frank Torbert

Frank Torbert |USA - Southern Region Governor for a Two-Year Term, 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2023

Director of Technology, WKMG-TV  - Graham Media Group 

Served as a Manager, Secretary/Treasurer, and Chairperson of the SMPTE Florida Section since it was reformed in 2015. Prior to that I served as a Manager for the SMPTE Florida/Caribbean Section. I was very fortunate to start my career in this industry at a young age. For 45 plus years, I have had the opportunity to learn and do many different jobs including editing, directing, maintenance, remote production, facility design and finally managing the technical direction of a TV station. I have always been actively involved in promoting the industry through the various organizations that I have been a part of such as SMPTE, SBE, and MSTV and will continue to use the skills that I’ve learned to promote SMPTE. The SMPTE Florida Section since its inception 7 years ago, has moved very quickly to grow and add members. I will use what we’ve learned to continue to promote SMPTE and to attract new members. The section also began a yearly symposium that in its first year attracted 200 attendees. I believe that SMPTE must continue to promote itself through training and outreach to the student organizations. Events such as symposiums, direct interaction with schools, and students is the only way to continue to attract and involve new members to grow and continue as a vital organization in our industry.