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    Microsoft 365 Mobile Apps

    While we will not cover Microsoft 365 mobile apps in this document and only focus on the Microsoft 365 online or browser experience, I want to at least mention that they exist for the two major mobile OS platforms, Android from Google and iOS from Apple. They bring great productivity tools to mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets. Unfortunately, they are not as fully featured as the Microsoft 365 web or desktop apps. They certainly provide a much better way of accessing your SMPTE standards work on mobile devices then the SMPTE OLC did.

    As mentioned previously, as a SMPTE SKN user you received an E1 license for Microsoft 365 online and mobile products. These products include, among others:

    • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft Teams (includes desktop app as well)
    • Microsoft Outlook with Exchange server

    Tip: Use the Microsoft Teams app mobile instead of dialing into a Microsoft Teams conference call with your Smartphone phone app. This will prevent that you are being shown on the conference call with only your mobile number. Dialing into the conference call with the phone function of Microsoft Teams mobile app will display you with your full name as it appears in your Microsoft 365 account.

    Please note, use your SMPTE provided Microsoft 365 email address (…@m.smpte.org) and your SMPTE Microsoft 365 credentials to log into the Microsoft mobile apps.