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    Teams Online and Browser Requirements

    Microsoft teams is the central application which serves as the unifying User Interface (UI) integrating the various Microsoft apps. While Microsoft Teams is available as a desktop app SMPTE decided to recommend using Teams in a browser.

    That has some advantages especially for users who are working in a corporate environment and already have a corporate Teams account. But it also allows for a more flexible environment where multiple instances of teams can be opened in different browser tabs. In addition, multiple documents can be opened different browser tabs without blocking a Teams instance for chat or videoconferencing. Lastly, the E1 license provided to SMPTE SC members will only allow the use of online Office apps which will require a browser. That said, the use of Teams online is not mandatory and one can use the desktop Teams app if required.

    Here are some browser limitation in regards to Microsoft 365 apps and Teams online:

    • We do recommend to either use the Google Chrome or the Microsoft Edge browser to access the Microsoft 365 online apps (incl. Teams).
    • Some issues have been noted when using the Safari browser on Apple computers.
    • Some issues have been noted when using the Firefox browser on OS X or Windows.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer will not be compatible with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams in the near future. Please investigate the use of an alternative browser.

    For more information visit

    Microsoft Teams meetings on unsupported browsers - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

    Please Note: The user guidelines in this document are mainly focused on Microsoft Teams online.