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    Document Naming

    All due process documents submitted to the SMPTE SKN must follow the instructions given in the Administrative Guideline 02 (AG-02) which is accessible on the SMPTE website. The data shown in the file name is the authoritative source of information about a file. We strongly recommend that you use the AG-02 file naming conventions for any non-due-process files you contributed to the SMPTE SKN. An excerpt from the AG-02 file naming convention is shown below and you can find additional information in AG-02. The conventions given in AG-02 take precedence in case of divergence between this document and AG-02.


    8 Work In Process File Naming Conventions

    8.1 Due Process Engineering Documents

    File names for due process Engineering Documents should be constructed as follows.

    <group> “-“ <state> “-“ <type> “-“ <number> [ “-“ <part> ] [ <element> ] “-“ <description> “-“ <date> [ “(“ <note> “)” ] “.” <extension>


    <group> is the Group that authored the document (e.g., TC name, “31FS”)

    <state> is “WD” | “CD” | “FCD” | “DP”

    <type> is “ST” | “RP” | “EG” | “RDD” | “AN” | “ER” | “OV” | “AG”

    See section 7.2 Engineering Document Type

    <number> is the SMPTE HQ staff-assigned document number

    <part> is the optional part number

    <element> is the optional element letter

    <description> is a brief indicator of subject, such as an abbreviated name of the

    document, which is constructed using only alpha characters, digits and "-". The

    description is a required element of the file name.

    <date> is the document version date, formatted (“YYYY-MM-DD”) as defined in section 6 Dates.

    <note> is an optional string that can be used to annotate the file contents, e.g.,

    “(clean),” “(markup),” “(package),” or similar information. The <note> shall be

    constructed using only alpha characters, digits, “-“.

    <extension> is an approved extension. See section 4.2 File Formats for Document Submission


    Note: The <description> and <note> fields can use CamelCase or hyphens as word separators. The Document Editor and Project Chair need to consider both choices and make a decision based on the project name, any acronyms used, the length of the name and related factors.