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Get Started

    Initiate Ballots

    Ballots or votes will be conducted via  Microsoft Forms and Excel Spreadsheets, one spreadsheet for vote results and one for comment resolution. All ballot spreadsheets will be kept in the “Ballot Documents” folder of the Technology Committee through which the ballot was cond ucted.

    • All ballots or votes will be conducted in the “Standards Ballots and Votes” team on the SKN. Each SMPTE Technology Committee has a channel in the “Standards Ballots and Votes” team.

    Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 12.55.54 PM

    • A TC chair has to initiate a ballot or vote by sending an email to standards-support@smpte.org. The email should include:
      • Type of ballot or vote (FCD Ballot, DP Vote, ST Audit etc.)
      • Name of the document for the ballot or vote
      • Link to the document package
      • Start and end date of ballot or vote (Start and end time will be 11:59 PM Eastern Time)
      • Any instructions or comments to include in ballot or vote which are not already covered by the standard ballot or vote text
    • Once the email is received, HQ staff will work on setting up the ballot or vote and it will publish the ballot or vote to a tab of the channel for the appropriate TC.
    • Once the ballot or vote is published an email will be send to the appropriate TC to alert TC members about it.
    • A new form will be created if it is necessary to repeat a vote or ballot