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    Louis F. Wolf Jr. Memorial Scholarship

    List of Past Recipients

    Goals and Objectives

    The Louis F. Wolf Jr. Memorial Scholarship was established to help students further their undergraduate or graduate studies in motion pictures and television with an emphasis on technology.


    • Open To Currently Enrolled, Full-Time Undergraduate or Graduate Student Members; Extra Credit May Be Awarded For Volunteer Work/Leadership.
    • Applicants must be full-time students enrolled in an accredited, 2 or 4-year college or university majoring in a program emphasizing the engineering, science, advanced technologies or fundamental theories associated with motion-imaging, sound, metadata and workflows consistent with SMPTE’s field of practice and have completed a minimum of four courses toward said major in good academic standing.
    • Applicants must be current SMPTE members. SMPTE Student membership is available for $15 per year, but applicants may apply to receive a complimentary first year of membership through the  Student Membership Challenge.

    Amount of Scholarship

    The amount of the scholarship will be $5,000 (USD).

    Scholarship funds will be paid to the scholarship recipient’s educational institution.  Funds may not be paid directly to the recipient. 

    Application Requirements

    Applicants must submit an Application Form, along with the following:

    1. Current official transcript sent directly from the school.
    2. An essay (maximum 400 words) explaining the applicant’s long- and short-term goals, extra-curricular activities (including volunteer work and leadership, if applicable), awards and accomplishments, financial need, and applicant’s reasons to pursue an education/ career in this field.
    3. A letter of recommendation, submitted from an advisor, professor or instructor, on official school stationary, outlining the applicant’s qualifications for the scholarship consistent with SMPTE’s field of interest and the scholarship's objectives.  The letter of recommendation must be signed and dated and must include the Recommender's name, title, address, telephone number, and email address.

    Application Procedure

    Application form and Essay should be submitted via email to Lisa Kehrle 

    Letters of recommendation and transcripts may be sent electronically, if possible, or in hard copy to:

    Lisa Kehrle
    445 Hamilton Ave., Ste 601
    White Plains, NY 10601-1509 USA
    Telephone: + 1 914 761 1100

    Application Deadline: 10 May 2021

    Submit Completed Application and Essay to: Lisa Kehrle 

    School Transcript and Letter of Recommendation can be sent electronically, if possible, or under separate cover to: Lisa Kehrle
    Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
    445 Hamilton Avenue, Ste 601
    White Plains, NY 10601 USA


    Questions may be directed to: Lisa Kehrle 

    The list of previous recipients may be found here