2016 Editorial Calendar

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JAN/FEB     Workflow 3-Dec 17-Dec 29-Dec 15-Jan 28-Jan
MARCH     IP & Networking 8-Jan 22-Jan 4-Feb 19-Feb 3-Mar
APRIL     Display 1-Feb 17-Feb 6-Mar 18-Mar 1-Apr
MAY/JUNE     Color and High Definition 17-Mar 10-Apr 27-April 4-May 16-May
JULY     Image Processing and Compression  13-May 8-June 14-June 29-Jun 15-July
AUGUST     Special Centennial Anniversary Issue 1-June 24-June 29-June 13-July 20-July
SEPTEMBER      Progress Report 1-July 22-July 3-Aug 12-Aug 1-Sept
OCTOBER     Cloud Technologies 3-Aug 28-Aug 10-Sept 18-Sept 1-Oct
NOV/DEC     Audio 11-Sep 14-Oct 14-Oct 6-Nov 16-Nov