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Published eight times annually, the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is a view in the technical world of motion imaging science. Each issue covers a special topic including file-based workflow, compression, 3D, audio, distribution formats, advances in lighting, sustainability, digital cinema and much more.

Periodically published wall charts add insight into a very complex technical domain.

Special issues include wrap-ups from various SMPTE conference events, including the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and the Technology Summit on Cinema held annually at the NAB Show. Each September, the Progress Report is published which provides a valuable overview of the latest industry developments with a particular focus on the standards community work.

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Current Issue

July/August 2015


Message from the Executive Director
Barbara H. Lange

Report from the Standards Vice President
Alan Lambshead

SMPTE Forum 2015
Barbara H. Lange

Results of the 2015 Society Section Elections

ETIA 2015: The Future of Electronic Entertainment Over the Internet
David Cardinal

Section Meetings

Technical Papers

Introduction to the 2015 Audio Issue
Tom Scott and Brian Vessa

Personalized and Immersive Broadcast Audio
Sripal Mehta and Thomas Ziegler

Management of Consequent Sounds in Immersive Sound Systems
William Redmann

Immersive Audio Standards Move Forward
Roger Dressler and Brian Vessa

Précis of the TC-25CSS Theater Testing Report
Glenn Leembruggen

A Tutorial on Photometric Dimensions and Units
George H. Joblove

A Cinema Luminance Range by the People, for the People: Viewer Preferences on Luminance Limits for a Large-Screen Environment
Suzanne Farrell, Timo Kunkel, and Scott Daly

Immersive and Personalized Audio: A Practical System for Enabling Interchange, Distribution, and Delivery of Next-Generation Audio Experiences
Jeffrey Riedmiller, Sripal Mehta, Nicolas Tsingos, and Prinyar Boon

Object-Based Audio: Opportunities for Improved Listening Experience and Increased Listener Involvement
Robert Bleidt, Arne Borsum, Harald Fuchs, and S. Merrill Weiss


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