Motion Imaging Journal

Published eight times annually, the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is a view in the technical world of motion imaging science. Each issue covers a special topic including file-based workflow, compression, 3D, audio, distribution formats, advances in lighting, sustainability, digital cinema and much more.

Periodically published wall charts add insight into a very complex technical domain.

Special issues include wrap-ups from various SMPTE conference events, including the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and the Technology Summit on Cinema held annually at the NAB Show. Each September, the Progress Report is published which provides a valuable overview of the latest industry developments with a particular focus on the standards community work.

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Current Issue

August 2016
Celebrating 100 Years In Motion Imaging


Happy 100th Birthday, SMPTE!
Barbara H. Lange

100 Years of Service in Motion Imaging
Robert P. Seidel

100 Years of SMPTE Standards
Peter Symes

SMPTE Education: Past, Present, and Future
Pat Griffis

100 Years of Growth
William C. Miller

Technical Papers

More, Faster, Higher, Wider:
A Brief History of Increases in Perceptible Characteristics of Motion Imaging

Mark Schubin

The SMPTE Century: Evolution in Cameras and Lenses From 1916 to 2016
Laurence J. Thorpe

Recording and Storage: A Brief History
Tom Coughlin

Video Compression and Its Role in the History of Television
Glenn Reitmeier; Gary J. Sullivan

File-Based Workflows
Brad Gilmer

Software-Defined Media Infrastructures
Al Kovalick

Displays: From Fantasy to Reality in a Century
Peter H. Putman

Temporal Engineering: Archiving and Preservation
James Snyder

From One to Many: A Short History of 20th Century Multichannel Cinema Sound
Tom Scott

The History of SMPTE and Digitization
S. Merrill Weiss

SMPTE Centennial: Closed Captioning and Video Description—A Brief Historical Perspective
Mark Turits

Forty Years of Television Progress: Television Technology Highlights from 1976 to the Present
James E. O'Neal; Harvey Arnold

The Last 100 Years of Motion Imaging
John Belton

Timeline: Motion Imaging in the SMPTE Century

A Look Back at SMPTE's History Archives


SMPTE Almanac
Michael Dolan


Past Issue Archive