Published eight times annually, the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is a view in the technical world of motion imaging science. Each issue covers a special topic including file-based workflow, compression, 3D, audio, distribution formats, advances in lighting, sustainability, digital cinema and much more.

Periodically published wall charts add insight into a very complex technical domain.

Special issues include wrap-ups from various SMPTE conference events, including the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and the Technology Summit on Cinema held annually at the NAB Show. Each September, the Progress Report is published which provides a valuable overview of the latest industry developments with a particular focus on the standards community work.

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Current Issue

July 2017


Message from the Executive Director: The Dawning of a New Century for SMPTE
Barbara H. Lange

Report From The Standards Vice President: Standards for Audio
Alan Lambshead

Section Meetings
Gene Batey; Steven Tadzynski; Kamil Rutkowski; Andrew Thomas

Technical Papers

Loudspeaker Requirements in Object-Based Cinema
Paul Peace

Building the World’s Most Complex TV Network: A Test Bed for Broadcasting Immersive and Interactive Audioiii

Some readers may take issue with “world’s most complex.” As far as we know, this was the first TV plant that carried interactive and immersive audio and the first to show how such audio could be distributed to local affiliates.
Robert L. Bleidt; Herbert Thoma; Wolfgang Fiesel; Stefan Kraegeloh; Harald Fuchs; Rinat Zeh; Jim DeFilippis; S. Merrill Weiss

Audio for Television: How AES67 and Uncompressed 2022/2110/TR03 Video Fit Together
Leigh Whitcomb

High Frame Rates and the Visibility of Motion Artifacts
Alex Mackin; Katy C. Noland; David R. Bull

Cutting the Cord at 60 GHz
Peter H. Putman


SMPTE Almanac
Michael Dolan


Past Issue Archive