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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide
Section Meeting

Sacramento Section November Virtual Meeting


Captain Kirk of Star Trek fame said that “Space is the final frontier”. He may be right. However, time is giving space some competition.

Media professionals care about accurate time and synchronization. This talk is about the second. What is a second, who defines it, how is it measured? What is the most common time of day? Why an atomic clock is not a clock? What is Einsteinian time dilation? What is the “Equation of Time” and how it relates to Tax Day (4/15)? What is a Hummingbird Clock and how could it save your life? Why atomic clocks and GPS are critical to video systems.

These topics and more will be considered during this interactive talk with demos. (45 minutes)

About the speaker:

Al Kovalick is the Founder Media Systems Consulting in Silicon ValleyPreviously, he worked for HP as a systems architect and R&D engineer. Following HP he was the CTO of Pinnacle Systems then a Fellow at Avid. He is an active speaker and educator and authored the book Video Systems in an IT Environment – The Basics of Networked Media and File-Based Workflows. Al has a BSEE from SJSU and an MSEE degree from the University of California at Berkeley. He holds 13 patents.