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IBC Conference & Exhibition

Welcome to IBC2022

9-12 September 2022

As the world’s most inspiring content and technology event, IBC’s vision is to empower content everywhere. Since 1967, IBC has been an event delivered by the industry, for the industry. We can’t wait to bring back exhibitors, speakers, visitors, and the entire community, to engage with each other, unlock business opportunities, discover the latest innovations and explore the exciting world of content.

The content and technology community is home to many of the most connected and engaged people in the world. This year, we are on a journey to deliver the new normal in an engaging way. WE ARE moving forward, WE ARE here for our industry and together, WE ARE a community.


09th September at 14.45 – 15.30:

Virtual Production - still bleeding edge?

Virtual Production tools are maturing from specialty use cases to practical implementation in broadcast and scripted production pipelines. Join members of the SMPTE Rapid Industry Solutions On Set Virtual Production Initiative Advisory Group for a conversation on where solutions are maturing and areas that are still challenging to navigate. Our subject matter experts will cover topics including virtual art department, technical management and controls and the creative process, with an emphasis on the skillsets VP practitioners need to thrive.

09th September at 12:15 – 13.00:

The Art of the Possible: Moving Media Workflows to the Cloud

 There’s a lot of talk throughout the Media industry about moving workflows to the cloud. But what is real, and what is imagined? The good news is that more media workloads are becoming possible using cloud infrastructure, and the benefits in terms of agility, flexibility, responsiveness, and efficiency are real and meaningful. In this session, we will explore how live, near-live, and file-based media workflows are being done in the cloud, focusing on what workloads are possible today and what workloads may not yet be fully suitable for the cloud. We will review different cloud architectures and talk about what’s possible given the current state of the enabling technologies. If you are interested in understanding how the cloud might fit your media workflows, this session should give you a lot of information to consider for your cloud journey.