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NAB Show 2023
SMPTE+ Event

Migrating Media & Entertainment into the Cloud: A Real-World Perspective

Original Air Date: 31 August, 2021

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The media & entertainment industry has moved far beyond the question of whether media workflows will move to the cloud. They already have done so. The past year has accelerated a migration process, that was already well under way, past a tipping point, the most relevant questions have changed. While significant practical and technical issues remain, i.e. coping with latency, timing issues, managing hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, cloud migration involves more than just a change of infrastructure provisioning. It has broader implications that are still emerging; What are the repercussions for making the move? What are the risks? What needs to be rethought?

Though migrating to the cloud is a fast-developing field, this SMPTE+ event will bring together subject matter experts from across the media value chain to examine the issues, share their practical experiences, provide a snapshot of current status of migration, and give unique insights into where the industry is headed in this area.