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2023 Media Technology Summit

September TC Meeting

TC Meeting 14-17 September

September TC Meeting

TC Meeting 14-17 September



TC Meetings are open to all members of the SMPTE Standards Community and more recently, we decided to also allow guests to participate in the meeting free of charge.

Once you register as a guest, watch for an automated email which you will be asked to engage with. It will be an agreement to follow the SMPTE meetings policy. 

Why Attend? If you participate with us, you will:

  • Contribute to the entire Media & Entertainment industry through the projects we'll work on

  • Represent an industry consensus on new technology before it is adopted by users, integrators, and manufacturers 

  • Experience direct insight into the development of technology which may impact the work you do at your company in the future

  • Learn about new projects or how to start your own

  • Communicate your requirements so that features you may need are included in the technology under development

Benefits of Conducting TC Meetings In-Person

  • Provide clearer communication which allows participants to better read body language and other communication cues

  • Allow for more attentive participants because it reduces distractions from family or work one could experience in a remote setting

  • Permits emotions to be contagious and allows you to read the mood of the room as well as how your comments and ideas are being received

  • Encourage those important side conversations either in the hallway, breakout room, at dinner or during breakfast

  • Creates stronger and closer relationships between key industry players and can help to build trust 

  • Are more effective as you have fewer interruptions

  • Limit long screen times