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Nordic Section -  Activities, Topics and Events

The recent SMPTE Nordic Section “reboot meeting” in Stockholm on December 6th gathered nearly 40 people from Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, England and the USA in making this a great success. 

But now the work continues....

Nordic Section Rebooted!

The Nordic Section held its first meeting in many years at Sveriges Television in Stockholm on December 6th last week – and it was a great success!

Nearly 40 people from Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, England and the USA were hosted by SVT’s Adde Granberg and Eva Poysti for what turned out to be a wonderful afternoon of professional content, great conversations and valuable networking.

SMTPE collage

With generous support from not only SVT, but also Net Insight, Mesclado and Vimond, we had a wonderful program to offer those who had made the trip.  Presentations will be posted to the SMPTE Nordic web pages shortly.

  • The Secretary/Treasurer opened the event by welcoming the group and then handing it over to Barbara Lange, the Managing Director of SMPTE worldwide
  • Barbara gave a brief introduction to SMPTE’s work and spoke warmly to all the delegates, telling them how exciting it was to see the Nordic Section come back to life
  • Hanna Laurentz, Director Marketing & Corporate Communication of Net Insight and Adde Granberg, the CTO of Sveriges Television also welcomed the group and expressed their support for the initiative and the importance of having a joint community here in the Nordics
  • Next, Francois Adde from Mesclado held a presentation and answered many questions on the need for, use and benefits of IMF, now also for file-based broadcasting workflows.
  • Alexander Sandström from Net Insight and Paul Macklin from Vimond Media Solutions teamed with a joint presentation on the SMPTE ST-2110 standard and how this can be implemented in a modern media supply chain
  • Eivind Sandstrand discussed with the delegates about how the Nordic Section should work, what we should focus on, and where and when to meet in upcoming sessions
  • Eva Poysti and colleagues from SVT took the whole group on a fascinating tour of the facilities, where we learned about upcoming projects such as the Alpine Skiing World Championships and also got to inspect control rooms and the largest studio space in Northern Europe
  • The group finally gathered for a social hour with snacks and drinks courtesy of Net Insight before we dispersed a little later in the evening than originally planned

Video recordings courtesy of F. Abbe / Mesclado:

The SMPTE Nordic Section board managers are very happy to see that so many people turned up and were so engaged in the topics presented.  This promises well for our section’s future, and we now look to our members and supporters to help us set the direction for issues to raise, locations in which to meet, and dates and times when it works best for the largest number of people. 

As always, we welcome your immediate feedback and suggestions, but in the next few weeks we will be distributing a very brief survey to all members to ask for your input on the future of our Nordic Section.


SMPTE Nordic Section 2018

The Nordic Section was revived in the spring of 2018 with the initiative of SMPTE members and enthusiasts from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

The current board of officers consists of the following people:

  • Chair: Børre Sandvik, Vimond
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Eivind Sandstrand, NCE Media
  • Manager: Ole Johan Skogheim, Mediability
  • Manager: Stian Askeland, Electric Friends
  • Manager: Kevin Caballero, Vimond

Our mission is to work to bring together technical expertise in the media communities throughout the Nordics.  Although the current board is based in Media City Bergen, Norway, it is our clear objective to span the region and actively include resources from other countries to develop and share expertise.