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    TTC 2021 (Toronto Technical Conference)


    TTC 2021 Home Page

    May 17, 2021 - TTC 2021 Update

    TTC 2021 Official Website is LIVE

    The official TTC 2021 conference website is Live. The URL is https://smpte.swoogo.com/ttc2021. If you had saved our previous TTC 2021 website as a bookmark please update it to the new site. The new website is being updated daily so please visit often. Here is what is available for you to participate in -
     -  TTC 2021 General information.
     -  Conference schedule. The three day in a detailed and summary version.
     -  Pricing page - We have been able to secure some really good pricing for this event. Please review all offerings This year we have been able to offer an ALL Access including a One Year SMPTE Professional Membership package. This is offered to new and existing members.
     -  Registration - Registration is opened.
     -  Our Sponsors list. Please check out the TTC 2021 sponsors. Visit them throughout the conference. We owe it to our sponsors for allowing discounted pricing for the event. Without their support a lot of what we are doing for this conference would not be possible

    New website - https://smpte.swoogo.com/ttc2021

    Full roundtable schedule - Click Here 

    SMPTE Toronto TTC 2021 attendee guide video - Click Here 

    SMPTE Toronto TTC 2021 attendee guide PDF - Click Here 


    May 3, 2021 - TTC 2021 Update

    TTC 2021 Schedule Outline

    TTC 2021 has put together a schedule outline for its conference.  Our goal is to keep you informed when information becomes available.  This high level schedule shows the key components over the three day event.

    More details will follow.



    April 30 , 2021 - TTC 2021 Update

    Call for Roundtables

    At this year’s TTC 2021 we will be introducing the concept of roundtable discussions. We want roundtables to be an open discussion of varied topics in which information can be shared, become a teaching place or anything that will keep the attendees engaged for the thirty (30) minute duration. The goal is to keep things interesting, fun, or thought provoking. Topics can pertain to the Television and Cinema Engineering realm or anything that you feel would be of interest to our audience. We have a roundtable in place with a working title “Lithium-ion batteries, electric vehicles, autonomous driving".

    To become a host or moderator of a roundtable please submit a topic and brief description. If interested, please submit your idea to smptepapers@gmail.com.  If you could be so kind to add ‘Roundtable’ to the subject line. That will send your request to myself and Ilya Doronin, who are co-organizers to the roundtables portion of the TTC 2021 conference. Each submission will be reviewed and vetted. There are limited spaces available.

    Roundtables will be scheduled in two blocks (morning and afternoon) throughout the three-day event. All participants hosting or moderating a roundtable will be awarded an all-access pass to the TTC 2021 conference.

    Tony Meerakker
    SMPTE Toronto Section, Chair

    Ilya Doronin
    TTC 2021 Co-organizer


    April 27, 2021 - TTC 2021 Update

    Call for Presentations is Closed

    TTC 2021 (Toronto Technical Conference) has closed its request for Presentations for this years' TTC 2021 conference.  We have received great submissions.  In the coming weeks we will be reaching out to all candidates whose submissions have been approved by the presentation committee.


    April 04, 2021 - TTC 2021 Update

    Call for Presentations and Sponsors - Extended

    TTC 2021 (Toronto Technical Conference) has a few updates to share with you. Our team of volunteers are busily organizing this event from registration to website integration, collecting presentations, roundtable hosts, to sponsors, event schedules and much more. The list goes on. Rest assured the result will be great.

    Some of the updates we would like to share are -

    • Returning to our conference as a Keynote speaker is the ever-popular Mark Schubin.  Mark has been part of our Toronto conferences for some time, and we are glad to announce he is back to enlighten you with his knowledge and wit. Mark's topic will be 'Some Possible Futures of Motion Imaging'. 
    • The 'Call for Presentations' has been extended. You still have time to become part of the presentation team. The deadline has been extended to April 25th. Call for Presentations link.
    • Added to our conference this year will be Roundtable sessions. Here is where a host or moderator can pick a topic and may teach, ask participants for feedback on an idea they may have, or to do anything else that will keep the conversation flowing for 30 minutes. If you are interested, please go to the Call for Papers link and add your submission request.

    There is still time to become a sponsor to TTC 2021. There are many reasons why companies would want to do so. Too many to list. Point your browser to the Call for Sponsors link where you will see the benefits.

    As you can imagine there are many moving parts to organizing such an event especially a virtual one. In the coming weeks we will be able to announce more details. Registration will open shortly. The official event website will soon be online. The final touches are being made to the schedules and much more. Do stay tuned. One can best do that by visiting our interim TTC 2021 website for additional information - TTC 2021 website.

    TTC 2021 Team Organizers


    March 19, 2021 - TTC 2021 Press Release

    SMPTE Toronto Section announces their 22nd Technical Conference:
    “Media Fast Forward” will be On-line / Virtual - June 15, 16, 17, 2021
    The Toronto Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) is pleased to announce that they will be holding their very popular Toronto Technical Conference in June 2021. This will be the Toronto Section’s 22nd Technical Conference, which was delayed from 2020 due to Covid-19. This three day Virtual event will bring together Canada’s largest technical audience of media technology professionals and industry experts under a common educational theme.

    The Toronto Technical Conference (TTC 2021) will occur June 15, 16, 17, 2021 through an online virtual conference portal so all can attend remotely and safely. This year’s topical umbrella is titled “Media Fast Forward”. Within this arena, presenters will explore new and evolving methods and technologies related to media acquisition, production, presentation and distribution in the professional television, cinema and new media industries.

    This event represents a tremendous training & networking opportunity for the engineering and production community who work in the multi-billion dollar Television, Cinema and Media industries. As in the past, it is organized and operated by volunteers from SMPTE’s Toronto Section, with a non-commercial editorial process at the heart of its presentation selection process.

    Previous Toronto Technical Conferences have been well attended with audiences in excess of 100 in- person attendees. This year’s Technical Conference will feature top tier Keynote Speakers, technical presentations from Canadian and International Presenters, informative Round Table discussions, and breakout rooms to engage professionally and socially with peers and colleagues.

    Attending: The event is open to SMPTE members and non-members. This year’s event will be Virtual. For more details please go to: www.smpte.org/sections/ttc2021

    Call for Presentations: The Organizing Committee is soliciting proposals for technical papers. Interested authors are invited to email: smptepapers@gmail.com with their submission. Call for presentations information is available at: www.smpte.org/sections/ttc2021/callforpapers

    Sponsorship: There are limited sponsorship opportunities available. Interested companies are invited to email: smptesponsors@gmail.com. Sponsorship information is available at: www.smpte.org/sections/ttc2021/callforsponsors
    Click here for the full TTC 2021 Press Release in a PDF format.


    March 12, 2021 - General Information

    The Toronto Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is once again proud to be holding its widely popular biennial Toronto Technical Conference (TTC). This year the conference will be virtual. With the rapid and wide-ranging changes taking place in our media industries, the theme for this year’s conference focuses simply on the changing workflows in Media; from how we work it to how it is consumed and experienced.
    Theme:  Media Fast Forward
    Dates:  June 15, 16, 17, 2021
    • The changing “Digital Landscape” – Streaming Technologies, Esports, VR / AR
    • UHD and HDR - Bigger, Better, Faster Pixels
    • Standards for UHD and IP
    • Cybersecurity, Networking Technology
    • The Cloud – Remote Production, Microservices, Virtualization
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
    • Automated Workflows
    • Evolution of Television and Cinema Workflows
    We would like to invite you to be a presenter at our event and deliver a presentation on a topic listed above.  Please select the 'Call for Presentations' link below for additional information.   

    Call for Presentations   

    We would like to also invite you to become a Valued TTC 2021 Sponsor!  Please select the 'Call for Sponsors' link below for additional information.