Future Meetings

Jan, 21

"Video Follows Text" in Newsroom Production, MASSTECH NAB HQ, Washington DC
Feb. 18 "Modern KVM Technology" by IHSE NAB HQ, Washington DC
Mar, 17 Meeting with Student Section Loyola University, Baltimore MD
April NO MEETING! NAB 2016
May 25/26 Bits By the Bay, 2-Day Conference Chesapeake Beach MD
Jun. 16 Automated Closed Captioning, ENCO NAB HQ, Washington DC
July No Meeting Summer Hiatus
August No Meeting Summer Hiatus
Sept. TBA  
Oct TBA  
Nov TBA  
Dec Annual Holiday Party Developing. Check back

Other meeting programs now being planned include: tour an HD Remote Truck, Historical Electronics Museum, and presentations by leading equipment manufacturers on evolving technologies. We are also considering tutorial sessions on topics including ATSC DTV standards, MXF and AAF, advanced video and audio codecs, network management/SNMP, and digital cinema.

Future meeting details are provisional, and may be subject to change.

To suggest future meetings, or to arrange a meeting, please contact the section Program Chair, Eric Wenocur, at eric@lab-tech-systems.com, phone 301-438-8270.