Technology Committee Meeting Outcome Reports

SMPTE Standards Community Members at Intel in Santa Clara - March 2017

SMPTE has over 100 committees and other groups working virtually on a myriad of technical topics to create, approve, revise and remove Standards for the industry.  Each year, usually quarterly, the Standards groups meet in week-long “block” meetings to report on progress and to move ahead on Standards work that is more easily accomplished in face-to-face meetings. 

We have now created a new format for reporting the progress these quarterly meetings in a way that will be useful to a variety of readers and to keep you current on the Standards process. 

We hope that this quarterly report will be useful for: 

  • Members who participate actively in Standards, but need a quick reference source
  • Members who generally participate but were unable to attend a particular block meeting
  • Members who try to follow what is happening in Standards and identify key issues
  • Members and non-members who have no idea what is happening in SMPTE Standards but would like to learn more

Please let us know what you think, and forward any suggestions for improvement to Howard Lukk

Quarterly reports summarizing the most recent block meetings:

Report from March 2017 hosted by Intel, San Jose, CA, USA

Report from December 2016 hosted by The Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, USA

Report from September 2016 hosted by EBU in Geneva

Report from June 2016 hosted by CBS in NYC