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    Next-generation networks for transporting video, audio and metadata over IP

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    Whether you’re a Broadcast Engineer, Technician, Manager or Executive tasked with moving your company into the IP realm, you must have a solid grasp of video, audio and metadata transport over IP. This course will help you expand your knowledge with an overview of the entire IP media ecosystem, plus an in-depth look at compression technologies, container/file formats, content preparation, image and audio synchronization methods, system performance measurement, physical infrastructure and more. You’ll build a stronger skill set in the practical elements of the technology, which can position you grow into new roles and responsibilities in modern production and broadcasting, as you learn to:




    • Recognize the differences in workflow models between SDI and IP-based transport
    • Understand the basics of cloud technology and recognize its impacts on broadcasting
    • Build a working knowledge of Internet Delivery Systems for distribution to the end-point consumer, including content delivery networks and protocols
    • Choose components and protocols used in an IP-based video production workflow
    • Identify common factors impacting workflow and network performance, and perform basic troubleshooting to identify solutions

    Intended Audience:

    • Engineers and Technicians working
      in Broadcasting, Systems Design and
    • Technical Managers needing to
      design and deploy IP Media Transport
    • C-Suite Management needing to
      understand the resources required to
      implement this technology

    Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

    • Describe the facility workflow domains for networked file-based and streaming media transport
    • Compare and contrast SDI and IP based workflow models
    • Discuss the components and protocols used in an IP based video production workflow
    • Explain how to choose and configure video and audio codecs across a range of business applications.
    • Select appropriate  image and audio synchronization methods during mixing and switching
    • Understand Internet Delivery Systems for distribution to the end-point consumer, including CDNs and delivery protocols (MPEG DASH, Adobe HDS, Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming)
    • Explain the basics of cloud technology and discuss potential impacts on broadcast industry
    • Explain common factors in the workflow impacting network performance
    • Perform basic troubleshooting and determine probable resolutions to  common network related workflow issues 



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    Instructor-Led Course:

    Independent Study Course:Enrollment Opened 11 January , 2021

    Level: Intermediate

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