We are pleased to announce a new “Friends of SMPTE-NY” initiative designed to make the Section financially self-sustaining and more effective in delivering benefits to members.
Click HERE to become a "Friend of SMPTE-NY"

Direct Benefits:
•       Logo on Video Loop at all of our meetings and TV Monitors at Holiday Party
•       Logo on section website
•       Logo in our Social Media Communications
•       Logo in credit roll at head and tail of streaming video of meetings
•       Annual “Friend” lapel pins
•       Opportunity to Distribute Your Product Literature at our monthly meetings

Indirect Benefits:
•       Cover refreshments for our monthly meetings
•       Increase our student and partner organization outreach
•       Support the hosting of special events
•       Support streaming our monthly meetings
•       Subsidize our annual Holiday Party 

Perhaps most importantly, the Section will no longer have to solicit sponsors for each and every meeting.
This will allow us to conduct a greater number of unsponsored “tutorial” style meetings and unburden meeting producers from fund-raising.

Note: your “Friends of SMPTE NY” sponsorship renews on your anniversary date, so there’s no reason to wait until the next Holiday Party in order to start receiving the benefits of sponsorship!

Since not all of our prospective Friends have the same size or financial ability, we are offering two tiers:

Tier Business Size Annual Cost Discounted Party Tickets Party Ticket Discount Ticket Price
Platinum >25 Employees $495 Max 6 50% $75.00
Gold <25 Employees $245 Max 3 50% $75.00

Holiday Party Benefits / Terms
•       The full Holiday Party ticket price is $150 (discounts are applied to this charge)
•       Beyond the quantity of discounted tickets specified above, Holiday Party tickets are first-come, first-served
•       Maximum number of discounted ticket quantities apply as per chart above
•       Friend status does not guarantee unlimited Holiday Party ticket availability
•       Tickets for full Professional SMPTE Members (non-vendor categories) are free-of-charge
•       Non-Members and guests are charged $150 per ticket
•       “Vendors,” including manufacturers, manufacturer’s reps, dealers, sales people, system integrators and others in similar “selling” positions in the industry must either become “Friends of SMPTE-NY” sponsors or pay full price in order to attend the Holiday Party.  “Vendor” categories cannot attend free-of-charge even if they are full Professional SMPTE Members.

We’ve put a great deal of thought and planning into this initiative and feel it will benefit everyone involved at a small cost easily absorbed in a typical expense account.
Thanks for your continued support of SMPTE NY.

Best regards,
John Cerquone
Secretary/Treasurer, New York Section
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers®