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SMPTE New York Past Section Meetings

SMPTE New York November 2019 Section Meeting

New Large Format Cameras and Lenses for Digital Cinematography

New Large Format Cameras and Lenses for Digital Cinematography at AbelCine New York A very important technical meeting.

About this Event

New Large Format Cameras and Lenses for Digital Cinematography

Moderated by David Leitner

The latest development in professional cinematography is the arrival of large-format (LF) CMOS sensors comparable in size to Full Frame sensors in DSLRs. The wider image circle required by these larger sensors has prompted major camera and lens companies to introduce entirely new LF cine lenses, and in one case a new lens mount.

What are the advantages of these VistaVision-size sensors? Are they more light-sensitive? Do they require lenses of the same resolving power? What is the impact on image in terms of perceived detail, angle-of-view, and depth-of-field? And when depth-of-field proves razor-thin, which LF cameras provide for automatic focus?

Which existing lens mounts are sufficient? Which LF cameras can “window” down their large CMOS sensors to capture Super35 or Super16, or crop them into boxier shapes for anamorphic capture?

Featured speakers will answer these questions and more during presentations on their latest LF cameras and lenses. From 5:30 pm until the end of the meeting, SMPTE-NY will also host manufacturers who wish to display their LF products on the floor of AbelCine.

Thank you AbelCine for hosting this event in their state of the art facility and screening theatre.

Featured Premiere Speakers:

ARRI- Guenter Noesner

Canon- Larry Thorpe SMPTE Fellow

RED- Graeme Nattress

SONY- Mike Bubolo

NY Meeting Managers Mark Forman and David Leitner


SMPTE New York October, 2019 Section Meeting


We will have a great panel discussion at 6 PM. If you come early, at 4 PM we will have a meeting where the students from the City Tech Esports Club will meet with our SMPTE panelists. Considering the topic is Esports, it is anyone's guess who will learn more.

Travel Directions to City Tech: http://www.citytech.cuny.edu/about-us/directions.aspx

Our SMPTE panel:

Sam Asfahani is the CEO at OS Studios, the only Esports production facility in Manhattan

Think all Esports studios are in LA? Think again, and check out Sam's company: https://www.osstudios.gg/

John Turner is the Principle Engineer and Owner of Turner Engineering, one of the top System Integration companies in the Television Industry. John is SMPTE Fellow and the person television organizations call in to solve the toughest problems.

Charles Conroy is Vice President of Gaming at the Switch and a former Esport League Owner.

Ramon Ramos is the Global Head of Esports at Vizrt where he travels the World setting up Esport technology. He has previously held positions in at FOX, CBS, and NBC and currently Teaches Esports at St. John's University in Queens. 

SMPTE New York September 2019 Section Meeting

Cloud Based Post-Production and Collaborative Workflows

We have a panel representing all sides of this technology:

About this Event

The evening speakers:

Ben Baker, Vice President of Studio Services at HBO
Todd Kelly, Solutions Architect at Avid Technology
Nathaniel Bonini, Director of Technical Sales at BeBop Technology

Event producers:

Chris Peterson, Thomas Mauro, John Gallagher, Conny Gordon

SMPTE New York June 2019 Section Meeting

Live SMPTE ST 2110 demo!

Karl Paulsen will present a live demonstration, created by Diversified, that will show interoperability between different supplier technologies using industry standards. Here are some of the technologies included

• Tektronix PRISM • Video Clarity IP VenuePlayer • Tek SPG #1 (IP PTP Source) • Tek SPG #2 (IP PTP Source) • Imagine Control Panel • GV Control Panel • Arista 7280 (Leaf) • Cisco 92160 (Leaf) • Embrionix SDI to IP • Embrionix IP to SDI • Imagine Selenio N/W Processor • PacketStorm VIP • PacketStorm CRS • VMware | Hypervisor • Arista 7060 (Spine1) • Cisco 9236 (Spine2) • Cisco 92160 (Leaf) • TSL PAM-IP • GV/SAM (IQUCP 25/50) • IQRCIF Gateways • GV XCU Universal UXF CCU • GV Convergent • Imagine Magellan • GV iTX (2-CHAN Player) • GV KIP X320 MultiViewer • GV LDX86N (4K) Canon HD

John Bertoni of Dell EMC will discuss Media Production in a Hybrid Cloud Environment. When, where and other factors to consider as you integrate cloud into your workflow. A look across industries at trends in cloud adoption to face the challenge facing many today to create a balance between using publicly available offerings and in-house capabilities. What are some of the pitfalls experienced when the pendulum swings in too far in any one direction? We will discuss how Dell Technologies views this challenge to help our customers grapple with these decisions and options.


SMTPE New York May 2019 Section Meeting

NAB Wrapup

Mark Schubin will share his ever insightful views on the big show. This year, Turner’s Bob Baker whose NAB reviews are tradition in the Atlanta section, and David Leitner with his views from the cine/production side will join in. The event is one of our most popular events. By reviewing the new technology that shows up at NAB we are taking a fresh look at our tech world. Mark Schubin never disappoints as he looks in large booths and small to find the technology gems.

Produced by David Leitner and John J. Gallagher, slideshow organized by Mark Forman

SMPTE New York March 2019 Meeting

Archiving: On-Prem and Cloud Solutions for High Volume Storage

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

The Dolby Screening Room

1350 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019

SE Corner of 55th Street and 6th Ave – visitor entrance is on 55th St

Refreshments at 5:30 pm, Program starts at 6:15 pm



Brent Angle - CTO, CineSys-Oceana Inc.
Imran Ahmed - Senior Pre-Sales Systems Engineer at Komprise
Mike Palmer - Chief Technology Officer at Masstech Innovations Inc.

Moderator: Eric Hirschberger & Rose Lockwood

Eric will lead a panel of experts on digital asset management and storage solutions.

Brent Angle’s Bio:

Brent Angle helped form CineSys-Oceana Inc. in 1997. He currently manages a team that includes engineering support staff and data system integrators, as well as custom engineering design and software development. He realized early on that the ever-changing standards and formats of manufacturers would create a demand for a higher level of expertise in the implementation of infrastructure to support the networking, workflow, storage and archiving of massive digital files. It would be an important part of the industry’s future. And thus began a focused effort to build relationships and partnerships with the key partners and vendors that influence this business sector.

Imran Ahmed’s Bio:

Imran Ahmed is Senior Pre-Sales Systems Engineer at Komprise, an industry-leader in intelligent data management. He graduated from NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering and has worked on cutting-edge cloud and data center optimization solutions for more than 10 years.

Mike Palmer’s Bio:

Mike Palmer is Masstech’s CTO, responsible for defining and overseeing the company’s technical strategies for developing new technologies that allow it to grow its position in existing and new markets. In his prior roles as VP Business Strategy and VP and General Manager of the company’s News business unit, Palmer played a key role in driving the development of the first media asset management (MAM) system to deliver drag-and-drop inter-site sharing of news media between differing vendors’ production and newsroom systems, directly within the desktop interface of leading newsroom computer systems. This multiple award-winning innovation gives journalists rapid, easy non-disruptive access to content stored locally or at any bureau in their group.

Palmer is an active contributor to SMPTE TC-31FS30 WG Archive eXchange Format “AXF” and is also Spokesperson Emeritus of the MOS Protocol Group, an organization which he led for nearly 15 years which was awarded a 2017 Technology and Engineering Emmy. Palmer is also a recipient of Broadcasting and Cable's Technology Leadership Award. Both awards recognize the impact of technical standards and highly integrated systems on the work done every day by thousands of journalists around the world.

Previously, Palmer worked in both editorial and technical news management positions at the local, group and national levels in the US.

SMPTE New York February 2019 Meeting

The use of LED Lighting for Studio and Field

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

NEP Studios -- Pennsylvania Hotel

401 seventh Ave (entrance on 33rd street)

NY, NY 10036

Refreshments at 5:30 pm, Program starts at 6:15 pm then 6:30 – 8:30 Demonstration and Panel Discussion

Prior to the meeting, 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM, there will be an exhibition by several manufacturers of LED Lighting.


John Gates, Lighting Designer & Consultant with over 40 years of experience in helping clients create attractive lighting for their television, film and special event projects. His work has appeared on almost every domestic broadcast and cable network and several foreign networks: ABC, Al-Jazeera, ARD, BBC, CBC, CBS, CNN, C-Span, Cleopatra Group, Comcast, Discovery Channel, Dubai Television, ESPN, Fox, Group W, HBO, Hearst, MSNBC, MTV, NBC, RTE, PBS, Playboy and Tele+2, among others. John has lit seven U.S. Presidents, one Pope and other world leaders, won two Emmy® awards & the top Illuminating Engineering Society Award, is a Life Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers and has worked in various motion picture formats (film & non-film), including 3DJohn Humphrey, Vice President, Business Development Hitachi Kokusai Electric America

David Leitner, Oscar-nominated producer, director, and Emmy®-nominated cinematographer with over eighty credits in feature-length dramas and documentaries including eight Sundance premieres. He is an author (Kodak’s “Creating Better Video With 16mm Film”), contributing editor (Millimeter, Filmmaker), industry consultant on camera and lens design, and SMPTE Fellow.

Steven Robinson, Director of technology at Adorama rentals in NYC. For the past 3 years he has overseen all the aspects of the rental business for Adorama including lenses, lighting, cameras, and control systems.


Cineo Lighting
Arri Inc.
AC Lighting

SMPTE New York January Meeting

HDR Workflows: Beyond the Technical Silos – a debate on integration, relative importance and relationships between HDR lenses, cameras, infrastructure and screen

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Microsoft Training Center

11 Times Square 6th floor

Corner of 8th Ave and 41st Street – visitor entrance is on 8th Ave

NY, NY 10036

Refreshments at 5:30 pm, Program starts at 6:15 pm

Access – Times Square Subway, Port Authority Bus Station



Larry Thorpe, Sr. Fellow, Prof Eng & Solutions, Canon USA

John Humphrey, Vice President, Business Development Hitachi Kokusai Electric America

John Mailhot, CTO, Networking and Infrastructure, Imagine Communications

Mark Schubin, Engineer, Archivist, Evangelist – defies description

Moderator: Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon will lead a panel of titans of the broadcast industry through the various aspects of HDR implementation: production, workflow and of course the eventual viewing. Besides the prepared questions, this will of course include invited questions from the TV audience.

Larry Thorpe's Bio:

Larry is one of the most distinguished members of our industry. He is a Senior Fellow, Imaging Technologies & Communications Group, Canon USA Inc. In

2015 he was awarded 2014 Engineering Emmy Charles F. Jenkins Award for lifetime achievement by Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Also in 2015 he received Honorary Membership in the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE®) – the highest award our society offers. He started his career after graduation from the College of Technology in Dublin Ireland in 1961 with a EE degree, He spent time with the BBC, then RCA’s broadcast division where he earned a number of patents, then through Sony and on to Canon, collecting a host of awards along the way.

John Humphrey’s Bio:

John Humphrey is Vice President, Business Development at Hitachi Kokusai Electric America. He has spent his entire life in broadcasting. His career began in audio and video engineering, operations, sales and systems integration. John has worked in Radio and TV as Chief Engineer and built and operated multiple mobile trucks as EIC.

During the last three decades in video equipment sales and system integration, he has developed a deep knowledge of the business and technology. John is a life-certified SBE CPBE and a former SMPTE Section Manager.

John Mailhot’s Bio:

John Mailhot has worked in the field of digital high-definition (HD) television systems since its North American inception in 1990. He began as part of the AT&T-Zenith team, responsible for system architecture and integration of the digital spectrum compatible high-definition television (DSC-HDTV) system prototype, and then served as technical lead for the Grand Alliance encoder at Lucent Technologies. He subsequently held engineering manager and general manager roles at Lucent Digital Video, Aastra Digital Video, and Harris Broadcast. A SMPTE fellow and document editor of the SMPTE ST 2110 standard, John holds dual bachelor's degrees in computer science and electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Mark Schubin’s Bio:

Multiple-Emmy-award-winning SMPTE Life Fellow Mark Schubin was awarded the Society's 2017 Presidential Proclamation for his five decades of work in television technology. Although he didn't realize that was what it should be called, Schubin built his first HDR-to-SDR converter in 1975. He tries to make pictures look good on all displays, from cinema screens to hand-held phones.

Josh Gordon Bio:

Josh Gordon is a marketing consultant with deep roots to the Media and Entertainment industry. During his 20 years with Broadcast Engineeringmagazine he developed a unique strategic understanding of this market. What gives his campaigns extra impact is his keen sense of discovery, where he uses research, analysis, and creative thinking to discover fresh strategies that advance awareness and gain marketadvantage.

Gordon is the author of four books on sales and marketing strategy and is an internationally recognized expert on the subject. He has been interviewed on CNN, CNBC, National Public Radio (on PRI's "Marketplace"), The Fortune Business Report, Wall Street Journal TV, and WCBS Radio. His books have been translated for publication in Germany, China, Korea, and Taiwan.

New York November SMPTE Meeting

Professional Media Networks : Protocols , fabric considerations and lessons learned from actual deployments

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018
Food and Drinks: 5:30 pm
Meeting: 6:00 pm

Please join SMPTE NY for an evening focused on SMPTE 2110 and considerations for building next generation media facility. Our speakers will review protocol stacks relevant to SMPTE 2110 control and data plane , considerations for building an IP Fabric as well as lessons learned and considerations from actual IP deployements

1 Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10119

Guests and Non Members Welcome! Refreshments will be served!

Sara Kudrle
John J. Gallagher Ed.M.


Brad Plant: Director , Technology and Operations at NBC Universal
John Mailhot : CTO, Networking & Infrastructure, Imagine Communications
Ammar Latif : Principal Systems Engineer for Media , Cisco systems

Session will focus on best practices for building network fabric for next gen media DC to accommodate live and file based workflows. We will provide an overview of the current migration from SDI to IP for live Video, discuss fabric architecture building blocks around spine/Leaf architectures and the benefits they would bring to a broadcast facility to address high throughput and high availability requirements.

SMPTE New York October Meeting

"An Evening with SMPTE President Matthew Goldman: A talk on Broadcast Migration to IP and a preview of the SMPTE 2018 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition"

Monday October 15th, 2018
Social hour 5:30 pm
Meeting: 6:15 pm

101 Park Ave, NY, 10178 - 10th Floor

**Access – The facility is less than 100 yards from Grand Central Station south entrance. Enter on the 40th St side and go to security. All attendees much register prior to the 15th to be on the security list.

Guests and Non Members Welcome!

Mike Strein, Director, Engineering and Technology, ABC-TV/ABC News

Matthew Goldman, SMPTE President and SVP Technology, MediaKind (formerly Ericsson Media Solutions)

Broadcast Migration to All-IP:

In order to become more agile in operations and leverage the economies of scale and flexibility that IT infrastructure brings, Broadcasters increasingly have been migrating from broadcast-specific architectures to IT-based solutions. This goes hand-in-hand with the trend toward software-defined media processing and network function virtualization. This session will first give an overview of the challenges that Broadcasters face, the benefits of transforming to “All IP” and a high-level overview of what exactly is meant by “All IP”. It then will dive deeper into the technologies themselves, starting with a discussion of the Joint Task Force on Network Media (JT-NM) roadmap and the data essence and control planes of interoperability, followed by an overview of the major standards behind “All IP” including the new SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards for Professional Media over IP and AMWA Network Media Open Specifications (NMOS). The current state of the industry will be reviewed and what’s to be done next.

Speaker Bios

Bio for Matthew Goldman:

Matthew Goldman is SVP Technology at MediaKind (formerly known as Ericsson Media Solutions), where he is focused on video processing and media delivery solutions. He has been actively involved in the development of DTV systems since 1992. He helped create the MPEG-2 Systems standards, and he has been influential in SMPTE, AIMS, ATSC, DVB, SCTE, and the Ultra HD Forum. Four of his projects have been later recognized by Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards. Mr. Goldman received BSEE and MSEE degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He holds six patents related to digital video transport. A SMPTE Fellow, he is also a senior member of the IEEE and an inductee of the Academy of Digital Television Pioneers. Mr. Goldman is currently serving as SMPTE President.

New York SMPTE Meeting

"ATSC 3.0 Next Gen Broadcast TV"

Wednesday September 5, 2018
Social hour 5:30 pm
Meeting: 6:30 pm

Dolby Theater
1350 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10019

Guests and Non Members Welcome!

Rose Lockwood, Sales Engineer, Belden
Stewart Brewton, Director of Technology, BET

Sarah Foss, SVP & GM, Imagine Communications Ad Tech
Merrill Weiss, Owner, Merrill Weiss Group LLC

"ATSC 3.0"

Are you ready to cut the cord, broadcasters got a green light from the FCC to begin rolling out a new over-the-air TV standard. The update to the improved ASTC 3.0 standard, commonly known as "Next Gen Broadcast TV", gives broadcasters a chance to compete in an increasingly crowded market.

Speaker Bios

Bio for Sarah Foss:

Sarah Foss is SVP & GM, Imagine Communications Ad Tech, where she manages a diverse, advanced media portfolio handling more than $49 billion in annual advertising revenue worldwide. Foss brings more than 20 years of media leadership and technology experience across multiple sectors, including digital technology services, broadcast cable and network media, and advertising. Her previous executive roles include President, Question d’Image, for Harris Broadcast; CEO at VCI Solutions; EVP, Sales and Client Services, at Encompass Digital Media; and President, Advertising, YANGAROO, Inc. Foss received her Master’s in telecommunications management/from Ohio University (Cum Laude) and a Bachelor’s from Pacific Lutheran University in communications/broadcasting (Magna Cum Laude). She currently serves as national vice chair for the Alliance for Women in Media

Bio for S. Merrill Weiss:

S. Merrill Weiss is a consultant in electronic media technology and technology management. His career spans 51 years, with 42 years in management and consulting. Merrill has been involved in the development of television technology and SMPTE standards for over 4 decades, starting with the first standards for digital television. He co-chaired the joint SMPTE/EBU Task Force for Harmonized Standards for the Exchange of Program Material as Bit Streams, on the output of which practically all modern media workflows and protocols are based. He currently chairs the SMPTE work on the Archive eXchange Format (AXF). Merrill participated in the development of what became the first ATSC Digital Television Standard more than two decades ago and over the past five years or so has participated in most of the work on the development of ATSC 3.0, chairing a number of its activities. Merrill has been a SMPTE Fellow since 1987. He received SMPTE’s David Sarnoff Gold Medal Award in 1995 and the Progress Medal in 2005. He is the recipient of this year’s SMPTE Excellence in Standards Award. He was the recipient of the NAB Television Engineering Achievement Award in 2006 and of the Advanced Television Systems Committee Bernard Lechner Outstanding Contributor Award in 2012. He received the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society’s Matti S. Siukola Award twice — in 2012 and 2013. He is a member of the Academy of Digital Television Pioneers. Merrill holds six patents and is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Long Island Subsection New York SMPTE Meeting

Fiber: Everything you thought you knew about fiber in a 12g and IP world.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Annual Barbecue: 5:30 pm
Meeting: 6:30 pm

10 Newton Place
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Guests and Non Members Welcome! Refreshments will be served!

The Mulitidyne Demo Truck will be on display.

Frank Jachetta
President Multidyne

Dan Fogel, Chief Technology Officer at DNF Controls

"Making Stuff Work Together"

Broadcast Engineers are stuck in the middle of keeping the existing equipment operational and making it work with all the shiny new stuff. Unfortunately, you don't have the luxury of razing the existing facility and starting from scratch. Instead, like the TV character MacGyver, you find all sorts of creative ways of putting things together, to make them work. Come spend an hour talking about how to make the control side of this stuff work-- from simple GPI Inputs/Outputs, to DTMF, Serial, & IP control. We will take a close look at the basics of fiber as well as all the new issues in today’s high speed world. In addition, a look at dark fiber in an IP world. Also we will showcase the Multidyne van, come check it out!

Speaker: Dan Fogel

Chief Technology Officer at DNF Controls. Dan has been with DNF for 28 years. Prior to that he worked in radio stations, television stations, music recording studios, and live concerts from Milwaukee, WI to New York City, to Los Angeles.

6/7/17 NY Section meeting: 
"• The SMPTE ST 2110 Suite of Standards for Professional Media over IP Networks
• HDR/WCG – A Primer on the Production Options"

Speakers: Wes Simpson, telecompro.tv; Stephen Birdsong, Rohde and Schwarz
Producers: Mike Strein, ABC; Wes Simpson, telecompro.tv

5/16/17 NY Section meeting:
"21st Annual NAB Wrap-Up" 
Click HERE for YouTube video

Click HERE for Mark's slides
Marilyn Pierce, Director of Engineering, Master Control and Program Distribution, Fox News
Chris Chinnock, Insight Media
David Leitner, Cinematographer
Mark Schubin, Engineer and Explainer
Producer: Tim Dwight, ABC

5/10/17 Long Island Subsection meeting:
"Testing IP video: Monitoring, Trending and Reporting for Contribution and Distribution"
Speaker: Karl Kuhn, Tektronix
Producer: Ramond Blumenthal, Adorama

3/29/17 NY Section meeting:

"Meta Tagging Video For Fun And Profit"
Click HERE for YouTube video

Josef Marc, CEO of View Start, www.viewstart.com
Tom Pflaum, Director Pre-Sales and Solutions at Telestream
Fabio Schiattarella, Associate Partner - Global Media and Entertainment Industry, IBM Global Business Services, IBM Watson
TBA, Bertelsmann Arvato
Producer: Jeff Cohen, TVU Networks

3/28/17 Long Island Subsection meeting:
"Breaking the Pictures Barrier: Why Television Research Began in 1877 (and Why No One Knows That)"
Click HERE for Mark's slides
Speaker: Mark Schubin
Producer: Raymond Blumenthal, Adorama

2/2/17 NY Section Meeting:
"Displays, Displays, Displays!"
Gary Mandle, Sony: HDR/WCG Displays and EOTF/color space conversion
Norm Hurst, Sarnoff: Test signals for HDR/WCG displays
Producer: William C. Miller, Miltag Media Technology, LLC

1/24/17 NY Section meeting:
"Breaking the Pictures Barrier: Why Television Research Began in 1877 (and Why No One Knows That)"

Speaker: Mark Schubin
Producer: Joe LoGrasso, Ross Video