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2011 DCS Opens in Las Vegas

April 11, 2011

SMPTE president and Sony exec Peter Lude opened the DCS 2011, “Advances in image and sound: 3D, 4K and Beyond,” explaining “we are trying to extend this beyond cinema, though we recognize that many innovations start with cinema.”

He cited a number of key topics as technology continues to march forward, including higher frame rates, higher spatial resolution, high dynamic range, expanded color gamut by display technologies, stereoscopic 3D, and volumetric 3D.

Lude announced that in June, SMPTE will publish a book titled “3D Cinema and Television Technology: The First 100 Years,” with over 400 pages and more than 33 papers. Pre-orders will be accepted at the SMPTE booth during NAB.

Barbara Lange, executive director of SMPTE, discussed some additional Society news. For one, SMPTE will launch a new conference, a global summit on emerging media technologies, which will be held in Geneva during 2012. EBU’s David Wood will chair the event.

A digital library will be introduced by SMPTE, enabling the community to learn by accessing information from the desktop. A new SMPTE web site is also launching.

A new SMPTE professional report series is on the way, with the first publications slated for availability in June.

Disney’s vp production technology Howard Lukk will chair SMPTE’s second annual international conference on stereoscopic 3D for media and entertainment, June 21-22 in in New York.

Upcoming regional seminars on file-based workflows are scheduled to take place in Montreal, Toronto and Atlanta.

Discounts for may of these events and opportunities are available at the SMPTE booth in the South Hall, during the NAB Show.

During welcome remarks, Andrew Stucker of sponsor Sony said: “It is well known in the industry that there are a few places where smart people openly exchange ideas,” said Stucker, citing the DCS, as well as the HPA Tech Retreat and ASC Technology Committee meetings. “You are in for a real treat.”

He completed his remarks by recognizing colleagues and friends from Japan and their “determination in the face of insurmountable disaster.”



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