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3D Pioneer Lenny Lipton Passes Away

October 31, 2022

Shortly before press-time, The New York Times reported that 3D filmmaking technology pioneer Lenny Lipton had passed away at the age of 82 after a battle with brain cancer. Lipton originally came to fame for writing lyrics to the classic folk song, “Puff the Magic Dragon,” made famous by the folk trio Peter, Paul, and Mary, and then using that song’s royalties to fund his research into stereoscopic filmmaking. His obituary states that over time, Lipton secured over 70 patents related to 3D technology, including stereoscopic screens and glasses, and the CrystalEyes goggles system that was used by the US military and NASA for aerial mapping, among other applications. The New York Times estimates that over 30,000 movie screens in the United States currently incorporate 3D innovations originally developed by Lipton.



Michael Goldman

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